SGA 70 – Four Years On

SGA’s Project-70 – an ambitious project to connect with and find support for 70 new church planters in Eastern Europe, Central Asia and Far East Russia.
2020 will be remembered for many years to come not least because of the worldwide Covid pandemic which impacted every area of society. Less well known but having an eternal impact was the launch of SGA’s Project-70

A project which, if left to man, would have floundered in the first month, but left to God would grow and expand eventually into more than 80 new church planters. Four years on, we give thanks to Him for the development of these ministries in ways that we could never have foreseen.

New church plants which commenced with a handful of members, have grown in number and maturity; children’s work has been developed and whole families have become part of the church fellowship. Regions of the world such as Pamir and Far East Russia are being reached with the Gospel, and countless souls snatched from a lost eternity and finding salvation.



In Moldova, Project-70 pastor Edward Rotari speaks of his great joy at the way in which his small church has multiplied, with many new children also attending. The church summer camp of 2023 expected to have approx. 60-70 children but over 110 came. Edward writes:

‘Many of the children and teenagers repented. We are very grateful to God and you for this wonderful time! There were no words, just thanksgiving to the Lord.’

Yuri Tanin, who commenced his church planting in FE Russia, had to leave when hostilities commenced between Ukraine and Russia. He has found a new spiritual home in Moldova where the Lord has given him greater opportunities among the youth, and other refugees. Already over 250 people are meeting in the church and two new youth groups have commenced under his leadership. God is building His church!

Edward with his wife



In Bosnia, Danko Malesevic, who runs a rehabilitation centre for drug addicts, is thankful for the way the work has continued and grown. God opened the door for them to work in other projects such as the ‘Bread of Life’ public kitchen and an education programme that seeks to work alongside and encourage children from poor families.

Malesevic family



Artem Zemlyanov in FE Russia has been able to commence a children’s ministry. A large number of children attend along with their parents (an unexpected bonus!) The meetings are held in the House of Culture, and the Director of this has been so touched by the work that she herself is actively seeking the Lord.

Artem with the young people



In Ukraine, many of the original Project-70 pastors have had to relocate to other parts of the country or to leave altogether. But God’s work has not stopped. New opportunities have arisen that would not have been deemed possible before. Pastors Alex Radin and Denis Khurak regularly minister to soldiers on the frontline. One commander spoke of his conviction that he is still alive today because of the prayers of the church.

People, once indifferent to the work of the Gospel, are now crowding into the churches each Sunday, eager for the Word.



Last summer, two Central Asian Project-70 pastors travelled to Pamir where a new Hope Centre has been built, as a witness to the Pamirite people.

Having this building has provided evangelistic opportunities. They testify ‘We thank God that we are useful tools in His hands, and He uses us for His glory.’

Many more stories could be shared of how the Lord is blessing ministries throughout these lands, and how He is blessing those who serve Him so faithfully. Our prayer is that the work will continue to spread and expand and that those in darkness will come into the Light. We are so thankful for all those who committed to pray for and support Project-70 pastors and missionaries four years ago. Be encouraged by what the Lord is doing! If you would like to consider supporting a worker on SGA Leadership Support Programme, then we would be pleased to advise you on how to do this.


  1. That the Lord will continue to bless all those on SGA’s Leadership Support Programme.
  2. That those who have been displaced will continue to be blessed in new ministries and opportunities.
  3. That the work among young people and children will expand and that they will be won for the Lord.