To the praise of our God, SGA’s ministry continues to strengthen and grow, even surprising us staff at times.

A vital part of SGA’s expansion can be contributed to its Gospel- centred partnerships.  The SGA logo strapline Partners in Mission encompasses the heartbeat of SGA and defines the Mission’s strategy and focus.   We are grateful to the Lord for our wonderful deeply-valued partnerships with UK/Ireland churches, Bible Colleges/Universities, missionary organizations and indigenous believers across the countries in which we serve.

Home Partnership - Serving God together

Partnering with individuals and church fellowships in the UK and Ireland is at the backbone of our expanding ministry on the mission field.

We are very aware that the effectiveness of ministry in the different countries in which we serve is due to the prayer ministry and practical support of faithful supporters here at home. For this reason SGA is so thankful for the many individuals, churches, and prayer groups which have developed a partnership that is deep and meaningful.

Steve Moore’s quotation summarises the importance of partnership in Mission – ‘The Great Commission is too big for anyone to accomplish alone and too important not to try to do together’. We cannot do this work alone. We need you so that we can work together as Paul reminded the Corinthian believers.

Bible Colleges - Serving students together

SGA financial support several seminaries in different countries, alongside some of their students too. SGA Staff also visit these places to lecture on a variety of Biblical subjects.

Emanuel Christian University

In Romania, Emanuel Christian University in Oradea offers invaluable teaching and training, not only in Theology and Biblical studies, but in Economics and Commerce, Communications and Media, Nursing, and Information Technology. The university has government accreditation, and through its range of courses is preparing leaders across the spectrum of life in Romania and beyond. Emanuel University is putting “missionaries” into workplaces, classrooms and boardrooms as well as directly into church ministry. Lord Brian Griffiths (UK House of Lords) stated: ‘Emanuel is of vital economic, social and spiritual importance for the future, not just for Romania but for the whole region’.

Odessa Theological Seminary

Odessa Theological Seminary is an established evangelical training institute which has produced more than 2500 graduates in the last 30 years, 96% of whom are serving in Gospel ministry. The school at Odessa with its clear Bible-based training, prepares men and women for a variety of Christian ministries in local churches, in cross-cultural mission, and in community and social work.

Almaty Bible Institute

The conditions for work and ministry are very different for Almaty Bible Institute in Kazakhstan compared to SGA’s other teaching centres. The context is Islamic, and it requires wisdom and maturity to live and work as a believer there. Almaty Bible institute concentrates on Biblical and Theological education, training evangelists, pastors and other Christian workers to maintain a ministry in the restricted and sometimes dangerous circumstances experienced in Islamic dominated regions.

SGA contributes to these institutions by financial support and lecturing on a variety of Biblical subjects.

SGA International - Serving together in Far East Russia

Across the world there are five international SGA offices. Four of these (USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand) together focus their ministries in Russia and other CIS countries. We in SGA(UK) have always focused on the former satellite communist countries of Eastern Europe, and Central Asia.

In 2016 a partnership strategy was created with the SGA international offices to promote Gospel advancement and evangelism in the barren and spiritually dark communities of Far East Russia.  In 2018 we commenced support of 3 missionary pastors. This increased through our 70th Anniversary Project, so that we now help to finance 13 missionary families.  Finance is also made available to fund the aviation ministry. 

Grigory Andreyanov

Bibel Mission - Serving together in Central Asia

For over 20 years SGA(UK) has enjoyed a strong partnership with Bibel Mission, Germany, as they serve in Central Asian nations.

The ‘1-10 Project’ (one person reaching ten) receives our support, along with the online Independent Bible Correspondence School, teaching and equipping people across Central Asia.

SGA, with Bibel Mission, has financially supported the building of many Hope Centres. These Christian centres provide food, accommodation, schooling and Bible teaching to the communities around them.

The preparation and publication of Kazakh Bibles and Children’s Story Bibles was another joyful project born out of this enduring partnership.

Hope Centre, Bibel Mission

Trans World Radio (TWR) - Serving together in Central Asia

The radio remains popular in Central Asia, while the internet has limited availability to around only 15% of people. In some countries Christian books are now banned. However, thousands of people have been brought to Christ through the radio work of TWR.

Several years ago, SGA partnered with TWR, funding the radio programme series, ‘Power in Persecution’. These programmes brought hope, comfort, and strength to persecuted believers across C Asia. Many discovered they were not alone in their Christian faith and in their difficult situations, and through regular listening they were given Biblical wisdom for their walk with Christ.

Thank God with us, for our strong partnerships with SGA International, Bibel Mission and Trans World Radio. A TWR worker said, ‘When we go together, we can go far.’