Phoebe Representatives

Contact a Phoebe Representative and make a booking for them to share at your ladies' event (i.e. coffee morning, ladies' fellowship, etc)

Sharon Howard

Phoebe Coordinator who is married to Andy, who also oversees all communications. She is the Phoebe representative for the North of England.

Elaine Johnston

the Northern Ireland Phoebe representative, and her husband Dale, have a deep interest in world mission.

Megan Smylie

is married to Tim, who is pastor of Pelsall Evangelical Church and son of former SGA General Director William Smylie.

Sharon Pitts

has had a broad interest in mission and more recently, a heart to support ladies and widows.

Lisa Chow

who works part time in the SGA office, is married to Chi Wah,  who is pastor of a small village church near Rugby.

Kay MacDonald

our Scottish representative and her husband Eric, both already have a significant involvement in the work of the Mission.

Julie-Anne Maxwell

is a teacher in South West London, and the Phoebe representative for London & the Surrey area.