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  • That Violeta Faragau will be strengthened for her huge work load as she oversees ‘Preventis’ and ‘Casa Filip’.
  • For Marinela Rotariu and her team as they seek to bring the love of God to cancer patients in Emanuel Hospice and as they provide palliative care within the home.
  • That Olesya Krohinov and her team will be enabled to provide for children and young adults in Grace Shelter and Transition House.
  • For Marina Tsapcova reaching the Khakas children of central Russia and Bohuslava Havrilova as she serves among the Roma community in east Slovakia.
  • That the SGA Phoebe Representatives will get many openings to share at ladies’ events across UK and Ireland.


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Becoming a Phoebe Representative...

The vision is for Phoebe Representatives to share SGA Projects at women’s meetings in their area or county. SGA staff will help prepare you as a Phoebe Representative for this special role. If you believe you could serve as a Phoebe Representative we would love to hear from you.

Please contact Sharon by email: [email protected]