Praying for Ukraine

Some prayer points to guide you in your prayers
There are issues of particular concern to SGA and we underline these for your specific and continuing prayer.

Pastors, missionaries, and church leaders are feeling the strain of the war. They have described their exhaustion as they faithfully serve the Lord. Pray that their strength will be renewed so that they will be able to continue their vital ministry.

Pray for the 38 SGA sponsored missionary families in Ukraine as they continue their ministry and their outreach despite the problems around them. Pray that they will be encouraged as they see the ‘good seed’ sown, producing fruit in the lives of men, women, boys and girls.

The goal of SGA-sponsored Odessa Theological Seminary is to equip and strengthen believers. Alongside the normal curriculum, they now offer counselling courses with the emphasis on working with people subjected to traumatic war experiences. In addition they have conferences on war trauma led by people who have had first-hand experience helping victims of the war. Pray that those attending these courses will be enabled to bring much needed support to many hurting people.

Continue to pray for thousands of ‘war widows’, being supported by SGA through the local churches in Ukraine. Give thanks to God that this aid is still getting through to those who need it.

Pray for SGA-sponsored Odessa Theological Seminary as the staff prepare for a new intake of students. They are planning to enrol approximately 60 new students for course commencement in the autumn term. Security issues are a major reason why they cannot expect a larger intake of students.

Pray that Pastor Igor Bandura, Vice President of Ukraine Baptist Union, will be kept safe as he covers many miles to encourage colleagues in the ministry. Pray that he will be granted travel approval to share at SGA’s Residential Conference and Northen Ireland events in November.

We continue to receive encouraging reports of large numbers of unconverted people attending church services and listening to God’s Word. Pray that many will be brought to Christ.

Another programme to be initated by Odessa Theological Seminary in the new academic year is “Urban Church Planting”. The programme is part of a bigger plan drawn up by the Ukrainian Baptist Union to plant 1000 new churches by 2036. They believe that, regardless of the war, this is an important project. Pray that this huge initiative will be able to commence this autumn with God’s blessing. 

In a Christian printing house in West Ukraine, volunteers are packing food parcels and overseeing the printing of New Testaments. Included in each food box is an adult and children’s Bible, as well as additional Gospel literature explaining the way of salvation. Pray that many will have not only their physical needs but more importantly their spiritual needs met as they receive the Word of God.

Pray for Pastor Sergei Sinni from Kherson, and other believers as they travel by minibus to remote villages bringing SGA-funded food, water and medical care. They also take the opportunity to share the Gospel with needy people.

Pray for the safety of the children of Grace Shelter, Odessa in what is still a volatile and sometimes threatening situation. The Transition House has been called back into use also, at present housing a number of orphan children, victims of the war.

Pray for hundreds of other children being supported by SGA. Many of these are war orphans, and some understandably grappling with health and mental health issues, due to the traumatic events in which they have been caught up.

Don’t stop praying. Ukraine needs our prayers – now more than ever. Pray that in the chaos of war, God’s people will be found faithful, and that the ‘gates of hell’ will be stormed, as believers share the message of Christ and have the joy of leading many into the everlasting security of peace with God.