Phoebe Projects

A place of shelter for unmarried mothers, accommodation for relatives of those receiving cancer treatment, loving care and concern for those receiving end of life cancer care, and Hope Centres offering food and shelter for the poor and needy in Central Asia.

The one theme which all these places have in common, is the outpouring of Christian love from the believers who minister there, and who desire that God will speak to those in their care and use their testimony to bring them to salvation. As a means of supporting these vital ministries, SGA’s “Phoebe Project” has been initiated so that supporters in UK and Ireland can encourage and pray for ladies who play immensely significant roles in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

These women do not teach in mission schools, pastor churches, or lead in church planting ministry, yet they are quietly evangelizing within their own communities and providing practical and loving service to those in desperate need. SGA Phoebe aims to raise awareness of the work and ministry in which these ladies are involved, so that others can pray effectively and support them financially.


Mary’s House


Hospice Emanuel

Hospice Emanuel is a charitable organisation that provides specialised palliative care services to those who have been diagnosed with advanced cancer.


Grace Shelter

The discovery of three frightened boys sleeping rough in an abandoned car was an answer to prayer for Grace Baptist Church, Odessa.


Bohuslava Havrilova

Bohuslava has a varied ministry among the Roma women and children in Slovakia. She mentors many young women and teaches groups of children after school, always explaining the Gospel to them. Many of these have come to faith in Christ. Bohuslava is also involved in summer camps and evangelism for young people.

Marina Tsapcova

A graduate of SGA’s Mission School in Balti, Marina has a Gospel ministry to children and their families. She visits villages and towns of Khakassia, Siberia, where there are no churches, gathering children for activities, supporting their families, and telling them about Jesus Christ.

Casa Filip

In 2016 Violeta Goran founded “Casa Filip”. It was named after her husband, who died of cancer. Her desire was to provide affordable accommodation for relatives of those undergoing cancer treatment in the hospital at Cluj, Romania.

Recently, a new building has been constructed, and plans are in place to renovate another older building on the site so that over 40 people can be accommodated. Relatives greatly appreciate the wonderful facilities of Casa Filip, the meals provided, and the love and support of the community they find there.

Hope Centres
Central Asia

Hope Centres operate in Central Asian countries which can be hostile to the Gospel. They reach out to local communities showing Christ-like care and love to vulnerable people in need of help. In doing so, barriers are overcome, and opportunities are given to share the Gospel.

One centre currently supported is located in Dushanbe, the capital city of Tajikistan. Its ministry includes offering shelter to women who have been abused, or rejected and abandoned by their communities because of their Christian faith.


Bread of Life

Bread of Life, Serbia, was set up initially to provide humanitarian relief for those fleeing war in the Balkans. Today it continues to offer a varied social care programme, which provides Gospel opportunities as the love of Christ is shared with those in need. Ministries include care for the elderly, children, Roma communities, and more recently, specialized dementia care.

The Serbian government authorities have recognized BOL’s vital contribution to Serbian society. By caring for those in need the team reaches other family members too and takes every opportunity to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.