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The financial sponsorship and support of gifted national leaders has been at the heart of SGA’s ministry for almost fifty years.

Throughout this time, the partnering and enabling of local believers and churches to carry out Gospel ministry has proven to be an efficient and effective strategy. One church leader from Eastern Europe explained the value of this approach when he wrote:

The SGA sponsorship programme is very important for the development of the Church and the spread of God’s Kingdom … [National] missionaries live in the context they serve, and they build contacts with non-church people faster and easier than missionaries from abroad. Of course, we are very grateful to all the foreign missionaries who come and serve. They are an example of dedication to God and love for people … [But] local missionaries adapt more quickly and can effectively evangelize in their culture.”

This Leadership Support Programme remains a critical need today because many of these gifted people face economic problems. If they are to engage effectively in Christian ministry, some financial support has to be found. SGA offers assistance here, and working in partnership with the local denominational leadership, provides a proportion of the resources needed to enable many to continue in and be effective in their ministries. Without SGA’s help, they would not be able to use their ministry gifts and fulfil their divine calling.

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Over many years SGA has built bridges of friendship and trust with mature church leaders in each country of its ministry in E Europe, C Asia and Far East Russia.

The Mission looks to them for advice and direction as to those whose Gospel ministry should receive financial support. Candidates are selected prayerfully and carefully and are guaranteed support initially for a defined period. They include pastors, evangelists, children’s and youth workers, Christian authors, all with the common aim of preaching Christ, winning souls, and extending the kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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What has been the fruit of this leadership support ministry which now stretches back over many years?

There has been very evident and sometimes remarkable expansion and extension of Gospel ministry. Many men included in the scheme are pastoring several village churches, yet continue to reach out and plant in places where there is no permanent witness. Camp ministry in several countries has been developed and grown through SGA support for youth workers. Evangelists working in Muslim and pagan contexts are enabled to carry on Gospel work in adverse and difficult circumstances.

The blessings of this ministry are ‘two-way’! Not only are Christian workers on the field supported and encouraged, but their sponsors, individuals and churches, are richly blessed too. One pastor of a church involved in the project wrote:

It’s been a great blessing for us as a church to partner in mission with workers in Kazakhstan. Connecting with them has opened up to us a previously little known geographical and cultural region, and encouraged us to pray consistently for the gospel to bear fruit among the Uyghur people they serve.

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We need your help to support Gospel workers across Europe, Central Asia & Far East Russia so that those without Christ will hear the Good News of salvation in Him.

Individual partners are asked to commit to at least £15 per month for a period of 2 years or donate a one-off gift. Typically, SGA offers support to the amount of £200 per month (£2,400 p.a.). Partners will receive reports from the field from those they sponsor. Churches, groups or individuals may wish to provide full sponsorship.

For further information please contact [email protected]