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Why is SGA involved in this ministry?

The provision of high quality medical treatment free at the point of access is something most in the UK take for granted.  Unfortunately, this is not the case in Moldova and parts of Ukraine, where the health care system has been neglected for many years.  As a result, medicines are only accessible to those who can afford them.  Medical consultations are costly, with some medical professionals demanding a fee to supplement their low salaries.  In such a context those who are poor, and those living in rural areas often struggle to receive the medical care they need. 


This explains why SGA sponsors the Medical Mission Ministry which was established in 1999 by Christian doctors and professional health carers in Ukraine. More than 30,000 patients have since come through its doors, many receiving lifesaving care.  However, medical care is only one part of the package!  These Christian medics know that without Christ, the patients are spiritually dead.  So, during the medical clinics each patient is presented with the Gospel. 

Without long term support, doctors cannot plan, or order PPE or medicines they need for the clinics.  SGA is committed to supporting this vital ministry.  We trust the Lord for His provision! 

What are the main areas of this ministry?

  • Offering medical care to those who do not have access.
  • Funding village health clinics for those who are unable to travel to larger centres.
  • Creating an environment through practical Christianity that will break down Gospel resistance and prepare the way for church planting.
  • Supporting local churches in their mission to the lost.

What are the benefits of this ministry?

  • Serious and life-threatening conditions have been diagnosed.
  • Patients have received medicine which they are not normally able to afford.
  • Lives have been saved both physically and spiritually!
  • Villages which once opposed the Gospel have welcomed the medical teams.
  • Churches have been planted.

What are the current medical projects?

  • Financing doctors, medical teams, and village clinics.
  • Providing PPE and medicines.
  • Offering extra funding to deal with the Covid-19 crisis. 
  • Continuing to support evangelism associated with Medical Mission Ministry.

Why is SGA funding important?

“Thanks to SGA we can prescribe patients with the best medicines that save lives today” Senior doctor, Mercy Medical Centre Ukraine.

Sadly, funding which had previously been available ceased, and providentially SGA was able to step in to ensure that this work can continue.  With SGA’s sponsorship medical teams in Ukraine and Moldova are able to continue their invaluable ministry.  Working alongside church planters and pastors the medical teams are helping to advance the Gospel.

How to get involved?


  • That health care workers and pastors will be protected as they visit villages.
  • For the patients, that their hearts will open to the Gospel through the love and care shown to them.


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