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Why is our help important?

Jesus said that we will have the poor with us always Mt.26v11. Thankfully, He also has the poor and needy on His heart, and once, moved with compassion He reached out and touched a leper Mk.1v41. As a mission we want to do the same – to touch people’s lives in a practical way.  For many, even on a good day life is very hard for still today in Eastern Europe are situations of great poverty, exacerbated by Covid-19.

The following are ways in which our ‘Crisis Response’ ministry reaches out to those in need.

Helping in war-torn Eastern Ukraine

Often described as ‘Europe’s Forgotten War’, the conflict which began in 2014 has resulted in over 10,000 deaths and 1.5 million displaced people. Thousands have deep physical, psychological, and emotional scars. Many homes and church buildings were destroyed.  Recently tensions have heightened with a large Russian military presence on Ukraine’s eastern borders.

How are we helping?

SGA provided funds for a bakery in Mirnograd supervised by Pastor Vasile Kovalev near Donetsk. Offering employment to 14 believers, it sells and offers loaves of bread to the hungry.  This helps to open new doors for evangelism.

SGA has funded food parcels, electrical heaters, medicines, and winter clothing to meet the needs of many where winter temperatures can reach -30c.

Provision was made for the reconstruction of church buildings damaged during conflict.

Helping earthquake victims in Croatia

A severe earthquake hit central Croatia, just south of Zagreb, in early 2021, one of the strongest for 100 years. The towns of Petrinja and Glina were devasted and it is a miracle so few people died. Several buildings were destroyed or seriously damaged. Funds were provided by the Mission to rebuild church buildings and homes.

Helping vulnerable widows in
Eastern Europe & Central Asia

For 20 years the Mission has been fulfilling the Biblical command to take care of the widow.  This project is based on the words of Job.29v13.  God has provided for this special ministry and we praise Him that SGA was able to increase funding by 80% during winter 2020/21.  Approximately 1400 widows received vital help in the countries in which we serve!  This was a real blessing for many, for whom basic commodities like food, wood for log burners, gas, and medicines can be very costly.

This project operates in Bulgaria, Poland, Macedonia, Moldova, Romania, Serbia, Ukraine, and in Central Asia.

SGA offers help to four categories of widow

whose husbands have died through natural cause.

who have lost their husbands through accident or illness.

whose husbands recently died in war-torn Eastern Ukraine.

whose husbands disown them due to their conversion to Christ

I am very grateful to SGA for taking care of widows. Because of you, we experience the love of Jesus Christ. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your help to me and my children.

Svetlana, a young widow whose husband died in a motorcycle accident when one son Ivan was aged 2 years, and the other younger son David was only 2 months old

How to get involved?


  • Pray for peace in Eastern Ukraine and for believers who live in Donbass and Crimea.
  • Pray for ongoing efforts to relieve the practical and spiritual needs of the most vulnerable in society.


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