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Camps offer an enriching experience for many who come from poor and disadvantaged backgrounds and who otherwise would have no opportunity for such a holiday. They experience a quality of care which is often sadly lacking in their home situations where neglect and poverty are all too common.


Camps encourage and strengthen young Christians through fellowship and teaching. New believers learn to pray together, to study and talk about God’s Word and to apply to their lives.

Other camps provide opportunities for older believers to grow in faith and be better equipped to serve Christ in what are often difficult and challenging circumstances.


Camps provide a context where the Gospel is introduced to children, teenagers and others in a natural context, where the truth of the Word of God is affirmed by the example of the leaders. They hear the Gospel taught and see it worked out in people’s lives.

This is an especially effective means of reaching people who have never previously  encountered the Gospel message. Many Muslims from Central Asia and those from an Orthodox background in Eastern Europe have shared how their camp experience has been crucial to their coming to faith in Jesus Christ.



There is a rich variety of day and residential camps organized annually throughout Eastern Europe and Central Asia. They serve a wide spectrum of people from church and non-church backgrounds including…



In SGA’s long history of equipping national believers for Gospel ministry, camps have proved to be especially fruitful, used by God in quite remarkable and surprising ways.


In Communist times, many of today’s church leaders were converted at Christian camps. Today, camp ministry continues to be an effective means of reaching people for Christ. All camps are run under the supervision of local churches.

They are not one-off experiences but provide opportunities for relationships to be developed. Many first-generation Christians can recall the influence of camp ministry in the stories of their conversion.

One Moldovan church leader shared that 80% of the young people who are baptized in their churches have repented and believed during Christian camps. Further encouraging reports have come from Central Asian believers working among ethnic Muslims.


A further blessing has been the role played by Christians camps in the development of new leaders. Converted campers have returned to take up the challenge of serving in camp ministry. This, in turn, has been an effective means of training young men and women who have gone on to serve the churches in many other ways.

On average it costs



to send a child to a church

based Day Camp

On average it costs



to send a child to a 

Residential Camp

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  • That those who prepare, and plan camp programmes would know God’s strength and wisdom.
  • That those who attend will be converted to Christ, strengthened in their faith, and motivated to serve the Lord.


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