Praying 4

We are grateful to those who faithfully pray for the work of SGA - churches, prayer groups and individuals - throughout the UK, Ireland and beyond. We are always concerned to see our ‘prayer base’ strengthened.

Much prayer - much power; little prayer - little power!

Thursday 14 December

Pray for Bohuslava Havrilova, SLOVAKIA in her work with children and young adults.  Many young women are caught up in immorality and make poor lifestyle choices.  Pray for wisdom as Bohuslava seeks to advise and support them.

Friday 15 December

Pray for the work among children carried on by Jasmina and her team at BOL, SERBIA.  May they know strength to deal with the many families in crisis, and teach the love of Christ to young hearts and minds.

Sunday 17 December

There are several “Hope Centres” across C. Asia ministering to vulnerable children and their families.  These offer food, shelter and even training in life skills.  Pray for all those involved in caring for these needy children in the context of Christian love and witness.

Monday 18 December

We pray today for Communications Co-ordinator, Mark Foster, his wife Margaret and family, In Bromborough, Wirral.  May he know help and enabling in all the publication and media ministry that he undertakes.

Tuesday 19 December

Pray for the ongoing work of checking the Kazakh Bible text and all the preparation for its publication.  May God use His Word to transform lives and glorify His name.

Wednesday 20 December

Pray for the economic situation in Moldova, where many jobs have been lost and there is an increase in emigration.  Many families move to other countries for work, and this has had a huge impact on churches as they lose the younger generation 

Thursday 21 December

We remember Wayne O’Leary, his wife Iris and their family in Tewkesbury, Glos.  Wayne serves the Lord in the Midlands area.  Pray for him as he travels and builds relationships throughout this region.

Friday 22 December

Pray for all the SGA staff, who will be taking a break over the Christmas period.  May they be refreshed as they spend time with family and friends, and be strengthened before starting out on a new year of service and ministry.

Sunday 24 December

Christmas is an opportunity all over Eastern Europe and Central Asia to present the Good News to “those walking in darkness”.  We remember all the special evangelistic events that will be taking place this weekend, and pray that many will be drawn to the “Light of the World”.