Praying 4

We are grateful to those who faithfully pray for the work of SGA - churches, prayer groups and individuals - throughout the UK, Ireland and beyond. We are always concerned to see our ‘prayer base’ strengthened.

Much prayer - much power; little prayer - little power!

Monday 16 July

We pray today for John and Gaby Patros, UKRAINE. Plans are being made to start the construction of a social centre in Poroskovo. They hope to be able to start an after-school -programme. Pray especially for Gaby who suffers with -severe headaches which seem to be related to hormonal dysfunctionality. This can make her very unwell for several days at a time.

Tuesday 17 July

Continue to remember the valuable work carried out by Medical Mission teams in MOLDOVA and UKRAINE. As -people come for free medical treatment, they have the -opportunity to hear the Gospel. May this work be greatly used of God to reach unsaved souls.

Wednesday 18 July

Pray for General Director, Derek Maxwell and his wife Carole in Craigavon, NI. Derek represents the Mission in Northern Ireland, as well as overseeing all aspects of SGA’s ministry. Pray that both Carole and Derek will bring encouragement and blessing to all they meet during their visit to Romania.

Thursday 19 July

Pray for the valuable work done among widows in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Through the love and care shown to them many sisters have been greatly encouraged and other vulnerable ladies have come to faith.

Friday 20 July

Pray for SGA Office Administrator, Sharon Howard and husband Andy, living in Lilbourne, Northants. May she know help and enabling in her responsibilities in the SGA office and as she organizes many practical aspects of the Mission.

Sunday 22 July

Pray for Clive Langston and his wife Margaret living in Worthing. They value your prayerful support as they seek to serve the Lord in the South East. Pray also for SGA council members and their families. Pray that they will be greatly blessed and encouraged in their service for Him.

Monday 23 July

It is very difficult for evangelical churches in CENTRAL ASIA due to government restrictions. Pray for the advance of the Gospel so that it will reach many people who still desperately need to hear.

Tuesday 24 July

Please pray for the teachers and students at Almaty Bible Institute. We are thankful to the Lord for this strategic school in the Central Asian nation of KAZAKHSTAN. May the Lord protect all who are involved in this vital ministry.

Wednesday 25 July

We praise God for the impact that the Independent Bible Correspondence School is having in Central Asia. Especially remember leaders from underground churches in several countries who are being equipped for their role through IBCS.

Thursday 26 July

More and more restrictive legislation has been imposed -during the last few years in TAJIKISTAN. Pray for the -students who study at the Bible School. Pray that the Lord will grant them many opportunities for evangelism and discreet church planting.