Praying 4

We are grateful to those who faithfully pray for the work of SGA - churches, prayer groups and individuals - throughout the UK, Ireland and beyond. We are always concerned to see our ‘prayer base’ strengthened.

Much prayer - much power; little prayer - little power!

Tuesday 22 May

Pray for Ilie Tundrea as he faithfully serves the Lord. He teaches at Emanuel University, Oradea, ROMANIA, as an academic professor, as well as serving in other ministries within the local church. His wife Marcela is a secretary in the university. Pray that they will be able to influence many young people on campus to serve the Lord.

Wednesday 23 May

Gheorghe Hosu and Vasile Sav serve as evangelists in the Jibou area of ROMANIA. Pray for them as they travel to different villages, seeking to bring the lost to Christ. They are both supported under SGA’s Leadership Support programme.

Thursday 24 May

Pray for the ongoing ministry of the Mission Schools in ROMANIA. We think especially today of Catalin Croitor and Calin Talos who are involved with the teaching programme in the SGA schools. Pray that they would have wisdom as they mentor the students and seek to teach and train them for the building up of the Church. Pray for Wayne O’Leary and Andrew Coleclough as they teach in Baia de Cris and Baia Mare this weekend.

Friday 25 May

We remember Ben Faragau, who has recently been unwell and his wife Nora who supports him in writing and publishing ministry. Pray for Ben as he seeks to produce good Christian literature, including Bible study guides and commentaries for those desiring to grow in their Christian faith.

Sunday 27 May

‘Voice of the Gospel’ in ROMANIA, is a 24- hour radio station bringing encouragement to believers and challenging the unconverted with the Gospel. Pray that Daniel Burtic will be guided by the Lord concerning the right programmes to broadcast. Pray for much spiritual fruit through the radio ministry.

Monday 28 May

Pray for Bohuslava Havrilova, as she works among the needy children in SLOVAKIA. She suffers from back pain which can make travelling difficult. Pray that she will be able to do the work faithfully.

Tuesday 29 May

Remember the Independent Bible Correspondence School [C Asia] through which hundreds of students are studying God’s Word. Pray that the material will reach them safely in this restrictive environment. Pray for the mentors who mark the papers and encourage the students.

Wednesday 30 May

Remember our brothers and sisters in KAZAKHSTAN and TAJIKISTAN, as many face serious threats and opposition because they serve the Lord. Pray for protection, and a close walk with the Lord in these times.

Thursday 31 May

Pray for Clive Langston and his wife Margaret living in Worthing, W. Sussex. May he be greatly used of God as an SGA Representative in the South East. Pray that through Clive’s ministry people will be encouraged in their faith and be motivated to partner with SGA in prayer.

Friday 1 June

Praise God for the many students studying in SGA Mission Schools. Pray for real depth of insight as they study, and that they will be effectively used in the communities in which they live and serve.