Praying 4

We are grateful to those who faithfully pray for the work of SGA - churches, prayer groups and individuals - throughout the UK, Ireland and beyond. We are always concerned to see our ‘prayer base’ strengthened.

Much prayer - much power; little prayer - little power!

Tuesday 20 March

Pray for the translation work of Zivko Jorgacevic, SERBIA. Books are a very good means of evangelizing those from the Orthodox tradition who can be difficult to reach in other ways.

Wednesday 21 March

Pray for Avram Dega, SERBIA and in particular his sister Lidia, who is recovering from cancer related surgery to her left leg. May they both know the Lord’s nearness during these challenging times.

Thursday 22 March

We remember Dane and Melita Vidovic, SERBIA as they seek to serve the Lord in that spiritually challenging country. They have had some difficulties in completing the Kovin project and ask you to pray that these problems will be overcome.

Friday 23 March

We give thanks for the dedication of Pastor Trajan Kacina and his family, SERBIA as he preaches and offers pastoral care in several village churches. Trajan is also involved with BOL, visiting the poor and taking supplies and medical kits to needy families.

Sunday 25 March

We give thanks to God for the dedicated service of our Council Members. May they be granted wisdom and discernment as they support the work and ministry of SGA, and experience the Lord’s blessing in their church ministry and service for the Lord.

Monday 26 March

Pray for Chris Menzfeld, his wife Karen and family living in Hemyock, Devon. Pray that Chris will be a source of encouragement and blessing to those in the South West of England/South Wales, as he serves and ministers there.

Tuesday 27 March

Pray for all our translators who serve in the Mission schools. This work is highly skilled and often tiring and we thank the Lord for their dedication and faithfulness. Pray particularly for the urgent need for a translator in Almaty Bible Institute in Kazakhstan.

Wednesday 28 March

We remember our brothers and sisters in some Central European countries who will be preparing special evangelistic services over the Easter period. May many hearts be touched and brought to the Saviour who died for them.

Thursday 29 March

Continue to pray for the ministry amongst drug addicts in EE. May those trapped in this cycle of despair be reached with the transforming power of Christ.

Friday 30 March

Pray for Field Director, John Birne and his wife Dorothy as they live and serve In Dungannon, NI, that the Lord will bless all that is done for Him through them.