Praying 4

We are grateful to those who faithfully pray for the work of SGA - churches, prayer groups and individuals - throughout the UK, Ireland and beyond. We are always concerned to see our ‘prayer base’ strengthened.

Much prayer - much power; little prayer - little power!

Wednesday 16 January

We are so grateful for the support of our Voluntary Representatives throughout the country. Remember them in prayer today as they serve the Lord throughout the UK.

Thursday 17 January

Chris Menzfeld and Clive Langston go to ROMANIA & HUNGARY (17th–28th), and John Birnie travels to POLAND today. (17th–21st). May they be greatly used of the Lord as they minister there.

Friday 18 January

Pray for SGA General Director Derek Maxwell, his wife Carole and family. They value your prayerful support. Derek also represents the Mission in Northern Ireland alongside his many leadership duties. May he be richly blessed, helped and enabled as he seeks the Lord’s will each day.

Sunday 20 January

We continue to remember the SGA sponsored outreach in Far East Russia which is a challenging part of our world. Pray for the missionary pilots and pastors who are seeking to establish new churches and reach the lost in this needy area. The challenge is great, but our God is able.

Monday 21 January

We are thankful for those who voluntarily assist with the huge task of preparing the bi-monthly mail-out in the Rugby Office. Pray that they will be strengthened for this vital work.

Tuesday 22 January

Remember Wayne O’Leary, his wife Iris and their family. Wayne represents SGA in the Midlands. Pray for him as he travels and builds relationships throughout this region.

Wednesday 23 January

Pray for those who work and minister in POLAND, where evangelical churches are often viewed with suspicion. May barriers be broken down and the glorious Gospel of Christ proclaimed to needy souls.

Thursday 24 January

We thank God for SGA’s international offices in Australia, New Zealand, USA and Canada. Pray for wisdom and direction in all their future planning and that the Lord will increase their resources to help the churches they serve across the CIS.

Friday 25 January

Continue to remember the valuable work carried out by Medical Mission teams in MOLDOVA and UKRAINE. As people come for free medical treatment may they have the opportunity to hear the Gospel. Pray that this work be greatly used of God to reach unsaved souls.