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Notelets 1 a

Notelets - 2 Packs

£5 + £1.80 P&P

The cards are 145 x 105mm and come in packs of 10 (5 each of 2 designs). Inside each card is a scripture verse.

Notelets 3 a

Notelets - 3 Packs

£7.50 + £2.25 P&P

The cards are 145 x 105mm and come in packs of 10 (5 each of 2 designs). Inside each card is a scripture verse.

Banana Man Cover

Banana Man

£2 + £0.75 P&P

A new venture for SGA, is this children’s book telling the true story of how God answered the prayers of a small boy in Romania. Aimed at children between 5-10yrs of age, Banana Man teaches them the importance of prayer and the way in which God can wonderfully answer.

Vision Lives On

The Vision Lives On

£3 + £1.75 P&P

Salvation is not in the genes, but both Scripture and experience testify to the vital role of the family in ensuring the communication of the Gospel to succeeding generations.The story of the Good News Baptist Church in Skopje, Macedonia, is a vivid example of God working in and through a family - the Grozdanovs - to reach their friends, neighbours, and fellow-countrymen for the Saviour.

My Father's House

My Father’s House

£4.50 + £1.75 P&P

As a part of her ministry to Russian-speaking women, Ruth Deyneka Erdel was repeatedly asked to write a book on how to grow spiritually. In this book she uses the furnishings of the Old Testament Tabernacle as object lessons for our spiritual growth, along with many stories growing out of her warm ministry to Slavic women

Just call Me Paul Front

‘Just call me Paul’

£4.50 + £1.75 P&P

This is the story of Dr. Paul Negrut, a gifted Church leader from Romania. It is a testimony to the grace of God sustaining a ministry which has been greatly used in the work of the Gospel for many years.

God 27s-man-in-moldova-front-cover

God’s Man in Moldova

£3 + £1.75 P&P

This is the story of Nikolai Malai - the son of a faithful Pastor who knew what it was to suffer for the sake of the Gospel in the Communist era and whose ministry has had a profound influence on the spread of the Gospel in the needy land of Moldova.

Peter Dynamite front

Peter Dynamite

£3 + £1.75 P&P

SGA founder and first President Peter Deyneka shares his life story and God’s call on his life is a compelling account. His passion to see others come to Christ is a constant challenge as well as interesting reading.