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Why is this project important?

Across Eastern Europe there are thousands of towns and villages with no evangelical witness. Reaching these places can be very difficult, due to difficult roads and poor infrastructure. Many church workers cannot afford a vehicle and rely on public transport systems which are often unreliable or non-existent!  There are still thousands of miles of roads without tarmac.

What is the aim of this project?

SGA aims to help dedicated church planters to reach the lost and offer pastoral care to those who are under their care.  Praise God that Gospel work has been significantly enhanced through this project as transport has been provided.

What type of vehicles do we provide?

Over the past twenty years substantial funds have been provided to purchase or repair cars in Poland, Romania, Serbia, Ukraine, Moldova, Far East Russia, and Kazakhstan. Recently SGA helped purchase a car in Central Asia for evangelistic purposes, and for a church planter in Ukraine.

Pastor Alexander Karyakov, Director of Almaty Bible Institute (Kazakhstan) who received help writes… ‘I cannot carry out my ministry without a good and reliable car. I am very grateful to the Lord and to SGA! The new car is a real help, without which I am simply not able to perform the service that I have been entrusted with. It is a great blessing! Thank you!’

Ten year ago, SGA launched a new project to provide transportation in Moldova – ‘Getting Men Moving’. To date 62 motorbikes have been provided for missionary pastors.

In 2019 a second-hand vehicle was purchased for Bethany Camp near Balti, Moldova. In that year it transported over 2800 children and teenagers over 91 camp days, as well as delivering food and water, transporting camp staff, and helping local evangelism.

More recently, SGA helped finance two minibuses for missionary pastors Vlad Lecari and Sasha Polishchiuk in Moldova.  

I want to thank you once again for your help in purchasing a car. Every time I get behind the wheel, I thank God and you for such a blessing. If there were no car, I would have had to give up some trips to villages where they were waiting for me. Thank you very much for your prayers and support; it is a huge blessing for us. Now our ministry is much easier!

Missionary Avel Dorohov (Far East Russia)

What is the cost of providing transport?

£695 buys one motorbike including helmet and ‘on-the-road’ costs.
£3000–£4000 can usually provide a good second-hand car.

How to get involved?


  • That the missionary pastors will be kept safe on sometimes dangerous and difficult unkept roads.
  • That new churches will be planted in places only accessible by the provision of transport.


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