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What is leadership support?

For about fifty years SGA has invested time in building relationships with local leaders in the countries where we serve. In partnership with local UK based churches or individuals, we promise to provide regular financial and prayerful support for those who have been recommended to us by trusted partners overseas. This is a two-way commitment, whereby those supported provide comprehensive six-monthly reports and commit to pray for their sponsors!

Where are the leaders and how many are there?

At present we support approximately 200 missionary pastors.  This is an extraordinary privilege, and the recent increase is due to SGA’s Project70.  In 2020, to mark God’s faithfulness over seventy years, we raised support for an additional seventy leaders. The 200 are located in the following countries:

Why do we support leaders?

Hundreds of millions of people are in spiritual darkness and need the light of the Gospel. Sadly, many missionary pastors are hindered in ministry and outreach by financial and other practical restraints. SGA aims to help with basic needs, so reducing some of their financial pressures. Without this assistance those involved in pioneering Gospel ministry and church planting would have to take up secular employment to provide for their families, so curtailing their opportunities for service.

Some SGA sponsored missionaries share what this partnership means to them:


‘I know that if it were not for your prayers my service would be much more difficult. Your financial support is first and foremost a testimony to God’s provision, showing me that the Church of Jesus is alive and means we don’t have to worry like before’.


‘We are grateful to you that you pray for us. Prayer is the greatest help for us. It is necessary for life and service. The strongest person cannot cope without God’s help. We need your prayer support and thank you for the financial support: it is necessary for travel expenses and for family needs’.


In addition to our financial aid, it is also a spiritual support at a time when we think that our work for the Lord may stop. With SGA things become a reality and I praise God for that’.


Through your prayers over these past six years, she has ‘experienced the solving of problems, bridging of intercultural barriers, spiritual awakening, changed lives, protection in difficult situations, material provision and other things. I am deeply grateful for that.’

What kind of ministries are they involved in?

Danko Malesevic (Bosnia) is a pastor, burdened to reach recovering addicts with a project called ‘New Beginnings’, in the hope that they have their greatest need met – a new beginning with Christ.

Bohuslava Havrilova (Slovakia) shares the love of Christ in Roma communities, encouraging leaders, producing evangelistic resources, tutoring, working with children, witnessing, taking care of new believers, and supporting many troubled families deemed ‘undesirable’ and sidelined by society.

Oleg Gerasichkin (Ukraine) is part of a church planting team reaching out to a poor people group in western Ukraine. This is the only evangelical witness in a town of 8,000 people within a region targeted by the cults.

Looking back at our long-term cooperation, we clearly understand that many of our achievements without the help of SGA would have been simply impossible. SGA’s prayers allow us to achieve more than we dreamed of. Your loyalty has been going on for the past 23 years, almost as long as the Bible Institute exists.

Alexander Karyakov (Kazakhstan) is a pastor and Director of Almaty Bible Institute in Kazakhstan

What is the cost of sponsoring a missionary?

Typically, SGA offers support of approximately £2000 p.a. for an initial 2-year period. Individual partners are asked to commit a minimum of £15 per month for 2 years or make a one-off gift. Churches, typically commit to a minimum of £50 per month for 2 years or make a one-off gift.

Please see our sponsorship page.

How to get involved?


  • For those planning and developing new church planting initiatives.
  • That there will be an out-pouring of God’s Spirit in all the areas where SGA sponsored leaders serve.


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