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What are Houses of Prayer?

Many Christians in Eastern Europe, employing the words of Jesus in Mk11v17, describe their places of worship as ‘Houses of Prayer’.

In the late 1990s SGA provided funds to purchase suitable prefabricated portable buildings for Moldova.  Then in autumn 2004 a change of policy resulted in funds being sent to erect new buildings or refurbish old properties.

Why are Houses of Prayer important?

Having a place of worship is particularly important in an Orthodox context because traditionally church buildings are revered, along with the icons and images which form part of their worship. To Orthodox adherents it is unacceptable to worship in a hall, school, or home. To them this is characteristic of a cult.  This makes evangelism particularly difficult. 

Who constructs the Houses of Prayer?

The projects are undertaken by skilled national believers who are willing to use their gifts for God’s glory. The work is carried out to a high standard, providing vital accommodation in which new church plants or revitalised congregations may gather to worship. Projects completed have been the means of establishing a powerful testimony.

SGA Regional Director in Moldova, Peter Mihalchiuk, commented on the House of Prayer in Otaci:

The fact that the brothers and sisters worked so diligently in building the new church is a great example for the people in this town. Many people were amazed how quickly the church building was erected. Some said: “Their God is really helping them”’

At the opening of another building in Liadovo (Ukraine) two local mayors attended the opening ceremony. This spoke volumes to the community. The lady Mayor, who was not a Christian, said:

We have many problems in the villages and towns of Ukraine. We have problems with alcohol, drugs and many other issues and we don’t know what to do. But faith may help. Faith gives hope. Where there is no faith there is no hope. So please come to this building and pray that God will give faith to our people’.

Where are the SGA funded Houses of Prayer?

in Moldova
in Ukraine
in Romania
in Bulgaria
in North Macedonia
in Poland with another planned

Two in one day!

What a blessing when on October 25th (2021), two ‘Houses of Prayer’ opened on the same day! One in Vendychany (Ukraine) led by SGA’s Project70 missionary Anatoly Saulyak, and the other in Cotiujani (Moldova), where SGA sponsored missionary Yuri Bostan serves.

How much does a House of prayer cost?

To purchase and renovate a building in Moldova costs about £12,000.

How to get involved?


  • That from these buildings the light of the Gospel will shine out into local communities.
  • That SGA will be able to offer financial help to all who request, so that many more ‘lighthouses’ will be established.


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