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Why are we involved in this ministry?

Since SGA’s inception, the Mission has always had a burden to prepare and train national leaders. During the Communist period SGA staff members met secretly with believers in mountains and forests in Romania to study God’s Word, have fellowship and be better equipped for future service. These sessions laid foundations upon which those who attended would build and later become pastors and national Christian leaders, especially in Romania.

What are the areas of this ministry?
  • The establishment of SGA Mission Schools in response to requests from national church leaders for schools in their areas, resulting in profitable partnerships being formed
  • Supporting and encouraging national believers to become involved in the schools’ teaching programme [2 Timothy 2:2]
  • Supporting the Mission School students with grants to enable them to study
  • Post-graduate encouragement and support for ministry development
  • Supporting and teaching alongside national believers in established seminaries and Christian universities
  • Financial support for the Independent Bible Correspondence School in Central Asia where approx. 600 students are enrolled

Where is this ministry located?

SGA Mission Schools have been organized in Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova, and Ukraine. Teaching and support are offered to Emanual Christian University (Oradea, Romania); Odessa Seminary, (Ukraine); and Almaty Bible Institute, (Kazakhstan).

What Subjects are taught and why?

Sound Biblical theology keeps and guards the church and the pulpit from apostasy. A safe environment for students to learn and continue to grow is essential. SGA endeavours to build a solid Biblical foundation upon which students can make progress to more advanced studies. All students are expected to complete exams and assignments to qualify for graduation. The subjects taught are spilt into three main areas: Biblical and Doctrinal Studies Mission and Evangelism Preaching and Pastoral Ministry

Who are the Students?

Students are men and women from all walks of life who have been active in church-based ministry, church planting or pastoral responsibilities. Others are in secular employment and want to study in order to support their local churches more effectively in ministry. To enter the course, all students must be recommended by their local church leadership.

Who are the Teachers?

SGA staff, who are trained theologically, and have many years of pastoral & leadership experience before joining the Mission. This helps to equip them to teach and train in most circumstances. Invited teachers from the UK and Ireland are also a valuable asset to the teaching programme. A wonderful advance has come about more recently, where national leaders are teaching their own future leaders. SGA considers this as an important step forward in accomplishing what has been their goal for many years.

Why is SGA involvement important?

Leadership training is a long-term investment. Like any education, it nurtures growth and development of the student for future ministry. It is a great joy for the Mission to observe former students who are now the present leaders. However, we must continue to invest for the future. Since many countries still lack finance and the ability to provide training, SGA will continue its involvement. We believe that training national believers is a great investment, as they are equipped to reach their country with the Gospel.

How to get involved?


  • Pray that the students will be able to apply what they learn, and to have boldness where they serve.
  • Pray that the teachers will have a clear understanding of their subjects and that the teaching will be effective.


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