The Great Need

Buildings matter in Eastern Europe in a way which is strange to Western thought. Due to the religious mindset of the local population, newly formed churches without a meeting place are often viewed with suspicion and regarded as western cults with little to offer the indigenous people.
For this reason the provision of Houses of Prayer is not just a matter of convenience, but the removal of a major obstacle to genuine Gospel growth.

Building for God

Through SGA’s prayerful and practical support this challenge has been addressed in many needy communities. Resources have been provided which under God have demolished the “building barrier” in people’s minds.

A number of benefits flow from this provision. These include:
• Greater willingness on the part of unbelievers to accept the validity of Gospel churches and so come to hear the Gospel.
• A concrete statement of commitment by believers to the local community.
• A springboard for further outreach into other needy areas.
The building of bricks and mortar is often a vital and necessary prelude to even greater building.

Nojorid Church
Church opening 2

Living Stones (1 Pet. 2:5)

That greater building is of living stones built into a spiritual house for the glory of God. The New Testament clearly shows that congregations of forgiven, transformed sinners living for Christ is a powerful weapon in God’s hands for breaking down long held prejudices and opposition to the Gospel. While bricks and mortar are neccessary within many Eastern European cultures, they are not our ultimate aim but the means to a glorious end - the extension of God’s Kingdom among those who are lost in sin without hope of salvation.
Will you join with us as we work with our Eastern European friends and provide the vital resources they need to continue to build for Christ’s glory!

Our aim is to help fund church building projects in Eastern Europe, so that needy believers can meet together to worship God in their own place of worship, and reach out to theircommunities with the life-changing Gospel of Jesus Christ

In most Western countries church buildings can be found in abundance.
However, in Eastern Europe, many Christian congregations do not have their own place of worship. Those who meet privately in homes or in the open air, are viewed by society as cult members and not as ‘true’ Christians. By providing believers with their own place of worship, we can help to establish churches in their local communities, and provide them with a strategic centre from which to reach out to their fellow-countrymen with the message of the Gospel.

Poro 4

Yes, I want to support ‘building for Christ’s glory’.