Serbia: Evangelical believers make up only 0.3% of the population

Serbia is a country which has never known revival. It is a strongly Orthodox country, where evangelical Christianity is seen as ‘western religion’ with little to offer the true Serb. In this context, Gospel ministry is very challenging.

Serbia Face a

One long-standing partner of SGA, Bread of Life, has consistently sought to overcome the prejudices of Serbian fellow-countrymen by means of humanitarian and social programmes, put in place to create Gospel opportunities. Born during the devastation of the Balkan wars, Bread of Life continues to serve some of the most vulnerable people in Serbian society.

Over the years SGA has partnered with Bread of Life in a wide range of ways. At present, the Mission is endeavouring to help BOL’s workers to minister to the physical and spiritual needs of two groups of people in acute need.

Bread of Life

Caring for the Elderly

Yes, I want to support some of the most vulnerable people in Serbia


Marginalized Pensioners

Elderly refugees from the Balkan war situation lost everything in the conflict and as a result many are living in poverty. Due to their lowly status in the country they only receive a pension of around €100 per month and therefore find it impossible to pay all their bills. Many are forced to decide between food, medicine or heating.
Through its Home Care Service, Bread of Life ministers to these people and so becomes a channel of God’s love and care. As BOL workers show Christ’s love practically, they also reach the wider family, change perceptions and share the truth of the Gospel.

Marginalized Children

Bread of Life has a long history of organizing educational programmes for disadvantaged children, in order to break a historic cycle of poverty. To achieve this overall aim, SGA is helping with the purchase and development of a new campsite at which children from poor and difficult backgrounds can enjoy a holiday - possibly their first and only one! There they will experience a Christian environment where the Gospel is shared. Praise God that this ministry is growing and its influence increasing.

An Agent of Change

Whether ministering to the poor, the abused or the disadvantaged, Bread of Life does not merely offer aid, but aims to equip people to change their lifestyles and care for themselves. Furthermore, Bread of Life challenges Serbian perceptions. Many have no knowledge of or contact with evangelical believers, but by involvement in the everyday lives of people and by serving the vulnerable in society, Bread of Life makes evangelical witness a reality and creates a platform for engagement. Opportunities are won for sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ.

SGA has been a long-standing partner of Bread of Life as it serves the people of Serbia In Christ’s Name. We need your help.

Did You Know:

  • for most Serbians, ‘to be Serbian is to be Orthodox; to be Orthodox is to be Serbian’
  • evangelical believers make up only 0.3% of the population
  • Serbia has one of the most elderly populations in Europe with over 20% of people so classified
  • camp ministry is a vital component of Bread of Life’s social outreach programme

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"Our final goal, behind all we do for
people in a material sense, is to share the Gospel."

Dragan Stankovic, Bread of Life