SGA has had a long involvement in camp ministry. Very early on in its ministry in Eastern Europe the opportunity was given to SGA staff members to support and teach in summer camps. Testimonies abound of God’s goodness during these times, and the fruit of this ministry is still evident today in the lives of those who were converted or strengthened in their faith.

In recent years SGA’s involvement in camp ministry has changed, but our commitment to this strategic work remains. Instead of providing teachers, now SGA financially sponsors a wide variety of camps across Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Without this financial aid, these camps would struggle to take place. However, with our help, they present ongoing, invaluable opportunities in the social and religious context of Eastern Europe and Central Asia for Gospel ministry. They serve the following vital purposes:

Children's camps CA


Every year, in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, thousands of young people, teenagers and orphans from non-Christian backgrounds are reached with the Gospel. In addition camps are held for widows, disabled adults and pensioners


An important aspect of many camps is the strengthening of Christians who attend. Believing children, teenagers, adults and Christian workers benefit greatly from these times of teaching and fellowship, before returning home to difficult situations.

Camps Moldova boy with Bible
Tekeris Camp 01


A growing element of this ministry is the organization of conferences, training sessions and discipleship courses designed to further equip pastors and other Christian workers. These sessions bring lasting blessing to those who attend.

Will you join us as we continue to support this vital work?

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By the grace of the Lord, camp ministry reaches all kinds of different people with the Gospel… The value of camp ministry is immense amd bears much fruit for the glory of God.
Timotei Grama, Camp Director, Moldova