A New Ministry

SGA has a long history of helping Christians care for vulnerable people in society. Previously, one of the great needs has been offering help to those who live in poverty. Since the fall of Communism, however, a new and devastating problem has been imported from the West. The increasing curse of drug addiction is destroying lives and robbing whole families of meaning and hope. In keeping with our long tradition of helping those whom others neglect, SGA is planning to enter into partnership with Gospel workers who serve the Lord in this area.

A Necessary Ministry

In recent years the problem of drug addiction has exploded in Eastern Europe and governments have been unable and in some instances unwilling to offer help and treatment. This is a tragedy, since drug addiction destroys the lives of all involved. Families are torn apart and the addicts are dominated and consumed by the drugs they take. One former addict summed it up by saying ‘You take the drugs and the drugs take you.’

In response, Christians have initiated ministries to serve those who are enslaved by drugs. Often overwhelmed and underfunded they seek to show the love of Christ and apply the power of the Gospel to people in desperate need.

A Spiritual Ministry

While many of the effects of drug addiction are physical, Christians working in this ministry point out that the root of the problem is mankind’s sinful nature. Aleksander Zugic, a converted drug addict now ministering among other addicts recently wrote, 'Drug addiction is not the main problem but only one of the consequences of sin … Drug addiction is a spiritual problem; you cannot treat it with a pill."

Consequently, the best solutions to the slavery of addiction will always include the patient loving application of the Gospel. Only in Christ can the captive find true freedom.

A Former Addict’s Story

“I used to be a drug addict until the moment I received the mercy of God that touched and changed me. I first tried marijuana and to begin with it seemed fun but it led to serious and deep addiction. Very quickly heroin became the purpose of my life and I was enslaved by my addiction. Eventually after many failures and disappointments I was able to join a Christian Rehab Centre where people pointed me to Jesus Christ. I repented from my sins and trusted in Him. God has changed my life completely. He has turned my sorrows to songs of joy and today I can say I am free from the slavery of drugs.” Marko (Serbia)


Will you partner with God’s servants and help them heal broken people?

Yes, I want to support ministry amongs drug addicts.


Drug addiction is a ministry where you meet broken people - people who have been abused, who carry lots of guilt, and shame and who have lost all dignity. Honestly, I don’t know who, other than Christians, would work with these people and who, other than Jesus Christ can heal, redeem and return their dignity to them.
Violeta Faragau (Romania)