A Shortage of Quality Literature

At the click of a button, Christians in the English-speaking world have access to resources which were beyond the wildest dreams of previous generations. Sadly, however, what is true for us is not true for many others. Recent research has shown that the vast majority of evangelical pastors & church leaders across the world feel they do not have the resources they need in order to fulfil the role God has called them to. Sometimes the problem is a financial one - pastors cannot afford the books which have been written. However, more often than not the issue is that the books are simply not available in their own language.

The experience of SGA staff members backs up such research. What is true in other parts of the world is also true in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. We praise God for the great progress that has been made in countries like Romania, where SGA has been a long-term partner of a Christian publishing house.

Yet other countries continue to suffer from a chronic shortage of good Christian literature. In these countries, pastors and other Christian workers are looking for help as they seek to stand firm against the false ideas which threaten the purity of the Church and the truths of the Gospel. 

SGA’s Literature Ministry

Throughout its history SGA has known the value of good Christian literature and endeavoured to place into the hands of God’s people material that is faithful to the Bible and helpful to their ministry.

Experience has taught us that there are some Christian books which generate a lot of initial enthusiasm but quickly fade into the background, while there are others which stand the test of time and prove themselves to be an invaluable resource for years to come. It is the latter category of literature which SGA deliberately targets and makes available to our brothers and sisters in Eastern Europe. We do this through:

  • Translating the best western books available in specific areas of Christian doctrine and ministry. Local Church leaders play an essential role in choosing the titles for each project.
  • Sponsoring national authors to write books that address the questions, challenges and needs of their own people.
  • Providing student libraries for graduates from our Biblical Leadership Training Programme as they bring the Gospel to new people and new places.

We believe that providing good Biblical material is an essential part of serving Christ’s Church in these countries. Will you join with us as we seek to provide the resources they do not have in areas in which they are most needed?

Will you support this vital ministry?

Yes, I want to support the translation and publication of Christian literature.


We must invest in the future by equipping the churches in the present so that the Gospel will continue to be sounded out. Providing good Christian literature is an essential part of that aim.
Derek Maxwell, SGA General Director