The effectiveness of Christian radio ministry has long been recognized and appreciated. Small teams produce programmes which reach many people who would not normally come into contact with evangelical believers. Radio is a wonderful instrument in the hand of God to spread the Gospel and encourage His people.

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New Opportunities

In this technological age dominated by social media some may assume that the use of radio is a little outdated. Our partners in Eastern Europe disagree. The reality is very different. Social media and the internet have in fact breathed new life into radio ministry and opened up new opportunities not previously imagined.

Listeners now have 24/7 access to programmes that can be accessed anytime and anywhere. Relationships between listeners and producers have deepened since they can now communicate easily with each other via social media. The potential audience has widened, for people can now share programmes with their friends and initiate life-changing conversations.

It is clear that radio is still effective in reaching people with the Gospel. For this reason SGA continues to support radio ministry and sponsor the production and broadcasting of Christian programmes. The experience of radio national evangelists as they receive and handle written correspondence shows that they are communicating directly with people in the privacy of their homes, cars, work places and even prison cells. We thank God that He continues to bless this ministry.

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SGA: Partners in Broadcasting

In Poland SGA partners with ‘Radio Voice of the Gospel Foundation’. For over 50 years they have been producing programmes which are broadcast on local, national and internet radio stations. The foundation has won national awards for its productions and recent statistics show that over 220,000 people listen to their programmes each week.

In Romania SGA partners with a Christian radio station which has been broadcasting since 1994. There are stations in 11 cities and their programmes are also available on the internet and across Europe via satellite.

These partners need our help. Will you join with us as we support them in their ministry?

New Life in Prison!

The following correspondence was received from a prisoner after listening to a broadcast.

“I am 35 years old. My life was full of hypocrisy, chaos, alcohol and aggression and the result was my imprisonment … I would like to change my life and give it to God, I want to convert because I believe it is never too late. My desire is to understand God, to know Him and to learn to live in a society and a family without aggression.”

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Why is it worth supporting radio ministry? Because it is through radio that we can reach those who are helpless, lonely and downcast and who desperately need the Gospel.
Henryk Dedo, Radio Voice of the Gospel Foundation