We live in a world of sickness, pain, earthquakes, floods, wars and political unrest. It is therefore inevitable that throughout the years of SGA’s ministry there have been personal, local and national emergencies that have devastated the lives of many in the countries in which we minister. Where possible, SGA has sought to respond to urgent requests for help from our partners and as a result a number of special projects have been set up to meet the long term needs of people in distress.

However, such projects take time to organize and when emergencies strike time is often of the essence. The Emergency Relief Fund has been the means by which SGA is able to respond quickly to a wide range of difficult and unforeseen circumstances. Through the generosity of God’s people funds have been made available to help people when they need it most. Please help us to continue to address these needs in the future.

Flood Damage
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Responding to National Humanitarian Emergencies

Over the years SGA has been involved in responding quickly to many national humanitarian crises. These have included hurricanes in Moldova, terrorist attacks in Russia, the care of refugees in the Balkan states, flooding in Romania and Serbia and the recent conflict in Ukraine.

In keeping with SGA’s philosophy of ministry, response to such disasters is channelled through national believers who are better placed to assess needs and distribute aid. In addition to the obvious practical advantages, this approach to ministry has also been used by God to spread the Gospel. As local people see Christians helping them during their times of need, prejudices are broken down, relationships are built and opportunities are given to share the Gospel. In a number of different instances the response to these crises has been the means God has used to plant new churches in areas where previously there were none.

Responding to Personal Medical Needs

While SGA’s Emergency Relief Fund has helped Christians serve others during large scale national disasters, it has also been the means God has used to help individual believers receive the medical care they desperately need. In some countries where SGA is involved, the health care system does not adequately cover the needs of everyone. Treatment for serious life threatening conditions is available, but it needs to be paid for, and so is often out of the reach of many of our partners.

However, through SGA’s Emergency Relief Fund, essential medical care has been provided for individuals as they cope with cancer, leukaemia and other serious conditions. Help of this nature has only been possible through generous support of this fund. As these medical procedures are often a matter of life and death, this has been a very practical way of showing the love of Christ to those in great need.

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