The Church in Serbia - in need of literature!

From the beginning of its ministry SGA has invested heavily in the provision of literature, which is faithful to the Bible as God’s Word, and helpful to Church leaders and members in teaching and understanding Biblical truth. Various literature projects have been undertaken in each of the countries in which SGA works, and believers have profited deeply from this investment. Recently focus has turned to the country of Serbia.

Serbia has paid a heavy price for decisions made by its political leaders over recent decades. Still held responsible by many for much of the bloodshed resulting from the Yugoslav wars, it continues to struggle to overcome the problems resulting from the Nato bombing, international sanctions and a terrible refugee crisis.

Membership of the Serbian Orthodox Church is regarded as essential to Serbian identity, so believers are viewed with suspicion, as propagators of Western cults. Despite the opposition, the small Serbian churches have remained faithful to the Gospel. One of the acute problems facing pastors and church members is the lack of good Christian literature. Pastors struggle with inadequate resources to meet the challenges of ministry, while church members make do with superficial material that does not sufficiently deepen their understanding of the Bible.

Danko & Melita

Pastor Dane Vidovic from First Baptist Church, Belgrade, has been involved in various translation projects with SGA in the past. He believes his ministry must change in the coming days as a result of medical issues and he will focus more on the production of much-needed biblical literature. 

Serbia has no Christian publisher with enough resources to address this vital need. SGA has embarked on an ambitious project that will provide valuable resources for years to come.

The Cross of Christ

John Stott’s classic publication which deals with the central truth of the Christian faith - the death of Christ on the cross. This thoughtful and thorough book will help Serbian believers understand, proclaim and apply the death and resurrection of their Lord and Saviour. Of this book J.I. Packer writes, ‘No other treatment of this supreme subject says so much so truly and so well.’

According to Plan

Graham Goldsworthy book has become a ‘must read’ for many pastors in the UK and beyond. Goldsworthy’s aim is to show his readers how the Old and New Testaments fit together, by introducing them to an integrated theology of the whole Bible, centred around the person of Jesus Christ. One reviewer called this book ‘the best introduction to Biblical Theology available.’

Know the Truth

Bruce Milne’s wonderful introduction to systematic theology which opens up the great themes of God’s Word and shows how they fit together. Milne has the rare ability to present complex ideas in a concise, understandable and yet fully accurate manner. This book will meet a great need and will help the development of Christian leaders and believers in Serbia.

With true pastoral concern, Dane is passionate about addressing this need for his people and he is excited about this imminent project. He regards such publications as essential in the training and preparation of future generations of Serbian believers and explains the importance of this ministry below.

Will you join us as we put these essential tools into the hands of God’s people?

Yes, I want to support the translation and publication of these books.

These titles should belong to every Christian’s library. However, so far there is nothing written either in Serbian, or translated into the Serbian language that covers these topics. The need for these books is great if evangelical Christians in Serbia want to educate their pastors, theological students and others, in faithful biblical truths. Pray that these titles will have a strong impact on all Christians in Serbia and that God’s Kingdom will grow.
Pastor Dane Vidovic