Despite mounting pressure and opposition, the Church in Central Asia continues to have a strong commitment to reach others with the Gospel. SGA is privileged to stand shoulder to shoulder with believers there as they seek to reach the Islamic and secular republics of Central Asia for Jesus Christ. We work together in the following areas

Partnership In Training


SGA helps to support this vital ministry which has been used by God to encourage isolated Christians, disciple new converts, train new workers and evangelize those who want to know more about Jesus Christ. In many countries in Central Asia there are no Bible Colleges to train church leaders and Christian literature is very scarce. However, the IBCS addresses these problems by providing resources designed to help believers understand the Word of God and equip them for service. At present there are over 1800 students enrolled. They have the opportunity of studying a wide range of theological, biblical and practical subjects. Reports consistently reveal how God is using this ministry in the most surprising ways among the most unlikely of people.


Praise God for this place of formal training for Christian ministry within Central Asia. The International Bible Institute in Almaty receives students from countries across Central Asia and is directed by Alexander Kiriakov who is sponsored by SGA. Courses are offered for Pastors, Evangelists, Youth and Children’s workers. SGA staff members are involved in the Institute’s teaching programme. Prayer is needed as the Kazakh government continues to make life difficult for the Institute.

There are many social and economic problems in Central Asia. Often those who are most vulnerable struggle to provide for themselves and their families. Christians try to help these people so that relationships are built, prejudices broken down and the love of Christ shown in practical ways. SGA partners with churches in a number of ways.

Joy of Christmas 1
Children's camps CA
Widow Village
Joy of Christmas 2

Partnership In Caring


This is a ministry undertaken by our partners in Central Asia to distribute Christmas gifts to underprivileged and poor children. For many this will be the only present they receive. As gifts are distributed, opportunity is taken to teach the true reason for our celebrations.


Financial assistance is given to churches to subsidize the cost of Bible camps for young people. This is a great opportunity for children and teenagers from Muslim, Orthodox and other backgrounds to enjoy a holiday and come under the sound of the Gospel for the first time.


Children are not the only vulnerable group to which Christians minister. The difficulties faced by widows, young and old, are an ongoing concern as many struggle during harsh winter conditions. Through our partners, SGA distributes financial grants to help those in need.

Astana Kazakhstan
Reaching a neighbouring Muslim town with the children's programmes

Central Asia At A Glance

  • Population: 60 million
  • Government: Islamic or Secular
  • Dominant Religion: Islam 80%
  • Evangelicals: 0.01%

Common Issues Facing Christians

In all Central Asian countries, there has been new and increased monitoring and harassment of Christians. Some examples of this discrimination are:

  • Obstacles to the registration of churches which makes Christian services and ministries illegal. Consequently churches are raided, literature confiscated and Christians fined or imprisoned.

  • Laws which prevent religious instruction to children, evangelism and conversion to Christianity.
  • Pressure on recent converts to turn back to Islam. They can face physical violence, lose their jobs and be driven out of their homes.
  • False propaganda from the media portraying evangelical Christians as a threat to society.

Will you stand with our brothers and sisters in Christ in these circumstances?

Yes, I will support Gospel work in Central Asia.