Central Asia
With a population of over 60million, the Republics of Central Asia are largely un‑­evangelized. Evangelical Christians are ­estimated to be just 0.01% of the population in a largely Islam­ic or pa­gan ­dominated area of the world.

Equipping, Helping, Sharing

With financial support from SGA 1,000s of Bibles have been supplied to people who have no access to God’s Word in their own language.

3,500 participate in the 1-10 evangelism project, with the aim of helping every believer reach out to ten unbelievers with Gospel literature.

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SGA sponsors church leaders and missionaries to study at the Almaty Bible Institute.

Through the radio programme ‘Power in Persecution’ suffering believers receive much needed encouragement

4,500 children receive a Christmas gift through the ‘Joy of Christmas’ project.

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SGA support enables around 1,600 children to attend a Christian camp, and offers financial help to 90 widows every year.

With your prayers, financial support and God’s help, SGA will be able to provide Central Asian nationals with the Bible, sponsor students to study at the Almaty Bible Institute and IBCS (Independent Bible Correspondence School), support ­missionary pastors to evangelize unreached ­people groups, give help and hope to widows, fund Christian camps and provide Gospel literature.



please pray that Christians who face persecution will
be strengthened to persevere in their faith.


that governments would soften their opposition stance to the church and evangelism.


that these will be created through the many projects that SGA are participating in and providing for.



will you help us equip national believers? 

£50 p/m will sponsor a Bible College student.

£15 p/m will cover the expenses of one IBCS student.


children and youth through camps, the ‘Joy of Christmas’ project and ‘Hope Centres’.

£40 to fund a child at camp. 

£10 will provide a ‘Joy of Christmas’ gift.

£1 per day will provide for a child in a ‘Hope Centre’.


Bibles and support for pastors and widows.

£5 would pay for the cost of a Bible. 

£30+ p/m for a missionary pastor.

£50 provides vital support for widows.

£160 (programme production £45, airtime £115) for 

a single ‘Power in Persecution’ radio broadcast.

Will you help us reach the lost in Central Asia?