For over forty years, SGA has been engaged in helping the church in Eastern Europe and Central Asia by providing church leaders with quality Biblical leadership training. This is vitalwork of making Theological training available to church leaders and Christian workers — many of whom have limited or no means or resources to undertake such study — goes on,and the needs are very great.

Bozovici Baptist Church a

Leadership Training

SGA’s main focus has been on training and equipping national Christians to reach their own people with the lifechanging message of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Over the years, believers have bene_ ted from the Biblical Leadership Training in Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, and Central Asia.
Gifted Christian workers recommended by the local churches, like George Cojocaru (pictured right) – with SGA funding – are given the opportunity to undertake a course of study to equip them for a lifetime of Christian service in the various ministries God has given them: pastoral ministry, youth ministry, work among drug addicts, orphans and widows.

Pastor George Bozovici
Bozovici Romania

New Beginnings in Bozovici

Pastor George Cojocaru recently studied
at an SGA Mission School in Romania.
Having greatly benefited from the teaching
he received, he invited SGA to establish a
new Mission School in Bozovici, where he
is pastoring a church. The area is extremely
needy with great potential for church
planting. This is an exciting development,
a new region for SGA’s involvement and we give thanks to God for the nineteen students who have embarked on the course.

Mission Schools

Students in SGA funded Mission Schools come from all walks of life. Before commencing studies, they must be recommended by their local church leaders and they must commit themselves to complete the programme of study. Studies are arranged on a part-time basis and the three main areasof study are Biblical and Doctrinal Studies, Mission and Evangelism, and Preaching and Pastoral Ministry. Consideration is also given to the student’s own particular situation and the Christian work they will be doing on completion of the course.

Student body at Szeged Mission School, Hungary

Our aim is to help fund the training of Christian leaders in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, so they can be better equipped to reach out to their fellow countrymen with the life-changing message of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Three areas of special need:

1. New Pastors

Young men selected by their local churches need to be trained for this vital role.

2. New Ministries

Alongside the need for pastoral leadership in the church, there are many other ministries: youth and children’s work, refugees, students, widows and orphans, the list goes on!

3. New Churches

As a result of the Mission School ministry many churches have been planted in towns and villages, and SGA has had the privilege of funding the construction of church buildings for God’s people. Today there are still thousands of communities that need an evangelical church.

What can I do to help?

An investment in training national Christian leaders will help enable and equip the next generation of pastors, evangelists, Christian workers, Sunday school teachers, missionaries and many others for the work of service in
the local church and beyond. The Great Commission still stands, ‘Go… and teach all nations’.

Will you join with us in prayer and in financial support for national Christians in Eastern Europe, Central Asia and beyond, so that they might be equipped for the ministries God has called them to?