The Need

Few places on earth are as inhospitable as Far East Russia - record low temperatures, poor communication, lack of infrastructure, isolated communities. These physical features reflect the tragic spiritual reality – darkness, barrenness, and paganism. The small fledgling church, only 0.05% of the population, faces a gigantic challenge. SGA has entered into partnership with local believers to advance the Gospel cause in this needy area.

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Pastors, Pilots & Planes

The unique logistical challenges require an innovative response. The strategy for outreach will include equipping and financially sponsoring missionary pastors who will use existing churches as a base for evangelism into their local regions. In addition, missionary pilots will fly to isolated and unreached communities with the aim of establishing new churches which will become outposts of Gospel ministry.

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Reach Far East Russia Video

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New Frontiers

This new exciting initiative aims to take the Gospel to Far East Russia, a vast, inhospitable, largely untouched region of the world. Slavic Gospel Association is joining with other international partners and taking up the challenge by supporting missionary pastors and pilots as they endeavour to reach the unreached. The challenge is great but we believe the authority and power of Christ will triumph over all.

The Early Pioneers - The First to Go

The following men and their families are among the first to be supported by SGA UK.

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Avel Dorokhov

Avel and his family travelled 9000 miles across Russia in an old Lada in order to bring the Gospel to villages close to the Chinese border

Aleksey Olkhov

Aleksey Olkhov

Aleksey is responsible for the region of Lazo where there are 50 villages with no Gospel witness.


Konstantin Minaev

Konstantin was converted in prison and is now spreading the life-transforming message of the Gospel in the Amur Oblast region.

Will you join us as we seek to reach the people of Far East Russia?