In March 1941 Peter Deyneka, the founder of SGA, broadcast the first Russian Gospel message from HCJB, Ecuador.

This reached the Russian communities in USA first of all, and eventually reached into Russia and beyond. Peter became convinced that radio was a key instrument in penetrating the Iron Curtain.

Over the years we in SGA (UK) have also been convinced of this and for many years have been involved in broadcasting behind the Iron Curtain through our missionaries who broadcast from Trans World Radio, Monte Carlo.

When these lands eventually opened up, it was only then that we became aware of the impact the programmes had had on those who had listened faithfully week-by-week.

Now, 60 years on, through Voice of the Gospel, Romania, we are sponsoring a programme called “Knowing God” which is broadcast on Friday mornings at 10.00am and repeated at 5.00pm, each for fifty minutes.

Its focus is on the Old Testament with detailed studies of themes and characters. This is a great opportunity to get the Scriptures and the Gospel into the homes of thousands. Here are some of the responses to these programmes:

From an Old Testament professor: “While driving I was listening to ‘Knowing God’ and I decided to go right away to the headquarters of the radio and I ordered the entire series of programmes which helps me to prepare my courses. The programme offers a wide perspective over the books of the Old Testament and it can be an excellent guideline for pastors, teachers and spiritual counsellors.”

From a pastor: “I consider it my duty to serve well so that the Gospel of Jesus may spread. I have no theological education. I know only what I studied from books and the Holy Scriptures. But now it is quite difficult for me to read since I can’t see very well, but I am full of joy since I can listen to the programmes broadcast by Radio Voice of the Gospel that teaches us the Bible. The programme is a real inspiration and helps me prepare my sermons.”

From a retired man: “I found the programme very useful to me. I am confined to bed for years … and this programme encouraged me.”

From a teacher in a disabled school: “I have a keen interest in listening to this programme, to grow in faith as well as to discover new topics that I could present to the kids in class. The issues are easy to explain and up-to-date. May God give you wisdom and strength to continue this programme.”

Will you help us further the work of the Gospel through Radio, and pray with us that many, in hearing, will be led to faith in the Lord Jesus as their only Saviour?