Christian Literature! A spiritual heritage they don’t have!

That is the thought uppermost in the minds of SGA teachers when they reflect on the Bible resources available in English, but which just do not exist in many languages of Eastern Europe and Central Asia. We are spoiled for choice. In most countries of SGA’s operations even basic Bible helps are in short supply. Believers there are crying out for material which will enable them to deepen and broaden their knowledge and understanding of the Bible. Help us to put valuable tools in the hands of God’s people, with the aim of enriching their appreciation and grasp of the great truths of the Gospel. Help us to help them feed their minds!


The availability of dependable Biblical literature is a concern for many pastors and believers in Hungary. While there has been some devotional and evangelistic material written and translated, the publication of basic doctrinal books is not as advanced as in some other Eastern European countries.

The translation of Bruce Milne’s book ‘Know The Truth’ will therefore meet a great need. It has been described as a ‘sensible, clear and fruitful overview of basic Christian belief’ and will serve as an outstanding resource for those who want to deepen their understanding of the Gospel. Milne is an excellent writer with the rare ability to present complex Biblical truths in a concise and accurate way which is easy to understand. It is our belief that such a book will help the development of Christian leaders and believers in Hungary.


Basics For Believers is Don Carson’s popular commentary on the book of Philippians. In it he explains the Gospel and its implications for Christian living in a clear, memorable and practical way without ever being simplistic. It is therefore ideal for the challenges facing Polish Christians.

Poland is a deeply religious country where words like Jesus, church, faith and salvation are familiar. However most people do not understand their true meaning and therefore the Gospel needs to be explained simply. Within such a context, reliable Christian literature is vital and the translation of ‘Basics For Believers’ has been specifically requested by our partners in Poland. This book comes highly recommended and will be a valuable resource for the churches in Poland for years to come.


In recent years God has blessed the evangelical churches in Ukraine in remarkable ways. An extensive church planting programme has resulted in many new congregations being established in areas where previously there was no Gospel witness. In order for those congregations to continue to grow the training and equipping of church leaders is crucial.

A key part of such training is the provision of resources which will help pastors/elders understand their responsibilities in leading and caring for God’s people. Derek Tidball’s book ‘Skilful Shepherds’ is one such resource. It is designed to help pastors/elders understand their biblical role and to enable them to recognize what is important in their ministries and prioritize accordingly. For Ukraine at this time such a book is invaluable.

Please help us supply Christian literature for growing believers.