Help Us To Help Them 

The human misery resulting from the ongoing conflict in Ukraine is heart-breaking. Thousands are dead. Hundreds of thousands are refugees in their own country, fleeing from the war-torn east.

Ukraine Solider

It is now a forgotten war! No longer does it feature in Western news bulletins, or confront us on the front pages of our newspapers. Indeed it hardly rates a mention in any page of our tabloids and broadsheets alike! The shock that many felt when Crimea was annexed by Russia, and the subsequent turmoil inflicted upon the eastern parts of Ukraine by the violence of war, has all but faded from our memories. Yet the shelling, shooting and killing continue, bringing pain and hurt and loss to many thousands of citizens on both sides of the war front.

Hundreds of thousands are still refugees in their own country, fleeing from the war-torn east. Many offering help are themselves humble and poor people, who have no resources of their own to maintain this loving Christian support. 

A recent visit to the Donetsk war zone region in Ukraine brought home to us the stark reality of the effects of that war.  Deep and indelible physical, psychological, and emotional scars have been inflicted on the population in the war zone. Shelled buildings, ruined properties and devastated landscapes all serve as a tragic reminder of the utterly destructive consequences of war.  We were constantly confronted with the horrendous conditions in which people are trying to survive.

SGA are funding:

Electric Panel Heaters

£25 each

Children’s Thermal Clothing

£10 each

Family Food Packages

£25 each 

Gifts will be channelled through our trusted Christian friends in Ukraine, who will ensure that help is given to those who need it most.