A number of years ago SGA was approached by the believers in Moldova with a request to assist them in their church planting ministry by helping to provide some buildings in areas where groups of new believers were meeting, but without a building in which to meet. In their culture a building in which a church meets needs to be separate from a private dwelling, otherwise it is largely shunned by local people.

In response to this request a project was launched to initially provide portable buildings that could be placed on a site in a village or town where a missionary had already established contacts who were prepared to meet for the study of the Word of God. When the group had grown sufficiently, the plan was to find a permanent dwelling that could be transformed into a ‘House of Prayer’, suitable for a village context. The portable building would then be moved on to another village site where a work was beginning. trinica church


These have proved to be a real blessing and are still widely used. However, local restrictions have tightened in recent times so that it has become almost impossible to obtain planning permission to erect portable buildings in villages. It became necessary at that point to provide permanent buildings for the churches … little village homes that could be purchased and transformed into attractive meeting places … ‘Houses of Prayer’.

We are amazed at the number of buildings the Lord has enabled SGA to provide. In Moldova alone, incorporating both types of buildings, twenty-five have been supplied through the generosity of our supporters. We have also been able to help provide some in Romania, Serbia, Macedonia, Poland and Kazakhstan, none of these being the portable type.


The need for help in this respect is ongoing and we would appreciate your support to enable us to provide more for church planting situations in remote un-reached areas.The cost to purchase buildings today can range from £4,000 to approximately £10,000.


Can you or your church help us purchase suitable buildings, or help fund the cost of constructing a church, so that we can help the national believers have a suitable ‘House of Prayer’ in which to worship? You may not be able to fund an entire building, but every gift is like a single brick, which, when combined with many others, come together to complete the construction of a ‘House of Prayer’.

Your help and encouragement in providing a ‘House of Prayer’ in Eastern Europe could ultimately help national believers reach many of their own family and neighbours with the Gospel.