What we do

The main focus of SGA’s ministry today is Biblical Leadership Training. This programme had its beginnings in the small groups which met secretly during Communist times in the 1970s. Many of these were held in forest and mountain locations, away from the prying eyes of the secret police.

God used those times to encourage, equip and prepare His people for the work He had called them to, and today He continues to do the same. Even though the Iron Curtain has fallen the need is still great, and young men and women are eager to be trained for the work of God. This is evident in the following statistics.

At present there are over

400 students - local Pastors, church planters and lay leaders - being taught

26 subjects covering Biblical & Doctrinal studies, Mission & Evangelism and Preaching & Pastoral ministry in

15 schools which are run in partnership with local churches scattered throughout

7 countries in Central & Eastern Europe and Central Asia

Why we do it

The purpose of the Biblical training programme is to equip local Christians to reach their own people with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. The courses are not an end in themselves. They are designed with solid practical ministry in view. Over the years the Lord has blessed this ministry and the fruit has been remarkable.

New Pastors

Young men selected by their churches have been sent to be trained for pastoral ministry. Stories abound as to how God has used these men for the spread of the Gospel.

New Churches

The emphasis has always been on bringing the Gospel to communities where previously there was no witness. In the last 20 years hundreds of new churches have been planted and more than 30 of these have been aided by SGA to construct their own buildings.

New Ministries

The schools provide training not only for pastoral ministry. Many other ministries are carried on by students - to youth and children, drug addicts, widows, orphans, prisoners, refugees, students, dysfunctional families and those who are mentally and physically disabled.

Much has been done. Much more needs to be done. Millions have still not heard the Gospel. Thousands of villages and towns have no evangelical witness. Please join us in this great challenge of helping to equip God’s people for the service to which He has called them.

“We are thankful to God that as a result of SGA’s partnership with us … many local church leaders were trained, many churches were planted and large numbers of Bibles and Christian study books were provided and distributed.”

Pastor S Staucean Moldova