‘Help us reach a new generation with the gospel’

That was the official request that came from our partners in Moldova. SGA enjoys a fruitful ministry with men and women who have proved their trustworthiness and dedication to the Gospel over many years. So when a request came from these trusted partners, we knew it was not made lightly or without much thought and prayer.

The Vision

Children praying

For nearly 20 years believers in Moldova have run an extensive programme of summer camps for children and young people. This has proved to be a highly effective means of evangelism with thousands of children attending each year. Church leaders estimate that at least 50% of these children come from a non-Christian background.

God has honoured this ministry with many conversions but the leadership of the Moldovan church does not want to stand still. Instead the vision is to develop a permanent campsite which will be used throughout the year for evangelism, teaching and training. This is seen as a strategic part of the churches' plans for Gospel ministry in northern Moldova and so they have already stepped out in faith and entered into a commitment to buy a site.

The Site

Sudovea campsite

The location of the campsite is ideal. It has the advantage of being close to the city of Balti, yet it is in the heart of the countryside. It is a beautiful location with a lake, extensive grounds for recreation and a number of buildings that lend themselves perfectly to the type of ministry envisaged here.

However, the existing buildings all need extensive renovation. This work has already started as Church members have donated their time, energy and skills to bring about an amazing transformation. Much still needs to be done, but there is a determination to prepare this site for future Gospel ministry.

The Future

Boy reading bible

The moderate amount of work already completed enabled the believers to reach over 600 children on-site last summer. Christian leaders are excited about the potential of this project, and envisage a multi-purpose site which could be used throughout the year. They need our help, and there is limited time to raise substantial funds for this exciting project. Join us as we reach a new generation with the Gospel.