‘The poor you always have with you’!

This declaration of Jesus in its context was a rebuke to those who criticized Mary’s anointing of Him before His death.
Nevertheless it is a continuing challenge to believers to be concerned for and to extend care to the needy around us.
SGA’s Widows' Project has for many years been in the forefront of our humanitarian Crisis Response ministry. Thousands of widows of all ages in many countries have been helped, and the need has not gone away.
Ukraine Widow Aid

The support of widows has become more critical and urgent than ever for several reasons:

The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated the already serious economic problems and desperate medical needs in countries with poor health care.

A catastrophic harvest failure in Moldova has wrought havoc in this largely agricultural country.

In East Ukraine the ongoing conflict continues to inflict damage upon suffering communities.

Some new believers in Central Asia are rejected by husbands who oppose their Christian faith.

Derek Maxwell, General Director of SGA UK, shares about the Widows' Project in this video.

Your help is needed as never before to meet the acute needs of widows in these unprecedented times.

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