Widows Project

A combination of poor living conditions, low state pensions, and freezing winter temperatures make life very challenging for widows trying to survive in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Through the support of faithful partners, SGA has provided financial assistance to thousands of needy widows, helping with basic needs, even their daily bread.

Henrietta Chernova says,
'I am a widow. God has allowed many trials to happen in my life. Ten years ago, my oldest son died and for me it was a huge loss. A year ago, my youngest son and husband died, and this led me to a lonely life. I am totally alone and no one there who would help me. Only the church is my great spiritual support. Also, I got financial support for Christmas
from you. I am so grateful to you for your concern and participation in my life. Your financial support is such a blessing for me during this period.' 

Orphans & Widows 2
Widow in Central Asia

£50 will provide vital help for a widow this winter!

In Central Asia, the term widow sometimes
takes on a different meaning. Some young women are converted to Christ from Islam and are therefore abandoned by their husbands and disowned by their families. For this reason
such ‘widows’ are also included in our Widows' Project.

Orphans & Widows 4
Widow in Central Asia

Please pray for these needy widows!

Joy of Christmas Project

Can you imagine a child receiving no gift at Christmas? Sadly, for many in Central Asia this is true, but with your help we can make a difference!

Joy of Christmas 1
Joy of Christmas 2

‘Joy of Christmas Project’ provides Christmas gifts for vulnerable children. The gifts include: essential daily items, toys and sweets. But this project offers much more… An opportunity to share about the greatest gift – God’s gift of eternal life! The gifts are presented in an attractive purpose designed box which illustrates the Christmas narrative.

Before the gifts are distributed, opportunity is taken to share the real message of Christmas with many who do not know the Bible’s story of Christ’s birth.

At one of the presentations, a little boy called Vadim was sitting in the front row. He was very attentive to what was happening during the programme. Afterwards everybody was given an opportunity to pray. Vadim’s prayer was not lengthy, but profound!

‘Thank you, Lord, for the best day in my life’.

One team member said, ‘It was all worth travelling 500 miles to hear this prayer’.

His mother abandoned him. He has seen more hardship than some adults would see in a lifetime. Tragically, Vadim’s story could be repeated many times.

£10 will make a difference for one child!

Children can experience the joy of receiving a gift and hear about the real meaning of Christmas.