We raise our Ebenezer!

From the demise of Communism in 1989 to the current day, Romania has seen many changes socially, economically, and spiritually.  

SGA’s partners within the country quickly realised that with the new freedom came significant challenges for the church. There was now a growing need for conservative Biblical material to counteract liberal thinking.     

Many of you will know of Ben Faragau’s ministry and his burning desire to bring his country back to the Word of God. 

Over the years Ben’s gift of Bible teaching has been put into written form and used in local churches nationwide.

More recently this has extended to the Romanian diaspora worldwide.

To date Ben has produced commentaries on thirty-eight Bible books – nineteen in both the Old and New Testaments.

In all of this SGA has been privileged to encourage and assist in supporting Ben, his wife Nora and family.

Ben & Nora Faragau

One of SGA’s largest literature projects in partnership with Faclia Christian Publishing was the publication of Wayne Grudem’s “Systematic Theology”. This provided many pastors and Christian workers with an invaluable resource.

During the last two decades, SGA has supported the production of approximately twenty important books, many used as textbooks and designated as compulsory reading for students at Emanuel University. 

Among these are Know the Truth by Bruce Milne, D.A. Carson’s Call to Spiritual Reformation, and a selection of titles by Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones.  Other titles include Introduction to the New Testament, Contours of Pauline Theology, Christ Centred Preaching, Prepared to Preach, The Old Testament Explained and Applied, The Lamb is all the Glory,  What the Bible Teaches about the Person of Christ along with other devotional and missionary books.

Over the years we were pleased to continue to meet transport needs. 

We supplied finance to Faclia Christian Publishing to purchase a van to help in the distribution of much needed Christian literature.

We also provided several missionary pastors with financial help to buy cars. 

Driving Car Pastor Visit a

In 2006 floods affected areas in the south of Romania leaving people destitute. With support from SGA, Ben Faragau organised teams from his church to rebuild houses and in this way a witness for the Lord. What were the results? The Gospel was preached, baptismal services conducted, and church buildings erected – praise the Lord! 

In other parts of Romania SGA has funded the construction of church buildings. 

The ‘School of the Prophets’ commenced in Oradea as an underground teaching programme during the communist era. Soon SGA was invited to extend its teaching to Medias. These two locations continued to be the teaching centres until 2005 when a Mission School opened in Zalau.

Subsequently the teaching expanded to Suceava, Marghita, Jibou, Arad, Peceiu, Baia de Cris, a Roma school in Simleul-Silvanei, Baia Mare, Satu Mare and Bozovici.

Other ministries include support for Christian kindergartens, Preventis, Voice of the Gospel Radio Station and sponsorship of students at Emanuel University.   

Since 2002 thousands of widows have received annual support. This is how one widow expressed her gratitude, ‘When the gift came to me, my tears began to flow. Although I needed it, I thought of those who needed it more and that you should have given it to others. But within a few days I saw how God had led you. Suddenly my old heating stove went wrong and could not be repaired. I had no money in reserve, but God’s providence came to my aid. Thank you for helping me in my need without even knowing me.’

radio presenter

We raise our Ebenezer! Praise God for all that has been accomplished!  And the work continues…