Reflecting God’s Care & Love

Many widows in countries of the former Soviet Union live in unrelenting distress and hardship. 

They may have a pension or small income but large numbers are not able to afford adequate food or heating during the harsh winters.

Through your support of the Widows' Project, we have been able to bring relief to the most desperate and share the love and care of God. In many places, especially in villages, help from local church members for old, sick, and lonely people is the strongest witness of the Gospel.

Your support gift represents much more than money – that is a reflection of brotherly and sisterly love in Christ
Marija in Serbia

The Widows' Project provides support for older and younger widows.

An example of a younger lady in great need is Begimai from Kyrgyzstan who is 32 years old and was born deaf. She married Pamir who was also deaf, the first deaf person in the area to accept the Gospel and become a Christian. He discipled his wife and helped her grow spiritually. They were both active in the life of the church.

They had four wonderful children who were all born healthy and hearing. In the summer of 2017, Pamir, Begimai, now pregnant with their fifth child, and their family were serving at a Christian camp. Not far from the camp site was a fast-flowing river.

Two girl campers decided to take a swim, but could not manage the current and started to drown. Pamir jumped into the water and managed to reach them and pull them to safety, but he himself was weakened and was carried away by the current and drowned.

Begimai was standing on the bank of the river and saw her husband dying while saving the lives of others. She was overwhelmed by grief, but she cared for their children, and it gave her strength to live on. She called her new daughter Pamira, in memory of the father she had never seen.

Begimai was left alone with her three boys and two girls. Their apartment was not furnished and she had no bed for the children.

However God moved and gave a very important gift through Christian brothers and sisters. He provided two bunk beds, which the children love.

It was not the end of the miracles from God, the great Provider, who has supplied other needs as well.

Begimai knows that God will not forsake her, so she does not lose heart. She rejoices and prays that her children, will grow into faithful heirs of their earthly father Pamir, and faithful followers of their Heavenly One.
Women River Thinking

The proceeds from this year’s SGA Christmas cards (designs below) will help support SGA’s Widows project.

Cards can be order here on our website

or obtained from our office (01788 220 699).

Christmas Card Joy 2020
Christmas Card For unto

The cards are 145 x 105mm and come in packs of 12 (6 each of 2 designs).

Inside each card is a scripture verse (white card has Luke 2:10 & blue card has Luke 2:11) and a greeting, “May your Christmas and New Year be filled with His joy and peace”

£3.00 per pack, plus P & P