God Will Keep Me Safe

For several years now, Trans World Radio has proved to be a valued partner of SGA as they serve the Lord in Central Asia.

They broadcast Gospel ministry in seven languages across the region. We know that these programmes have been a lifeline to new believers from Muslim backgrounds and a means of reaching unlikely people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

One recent report demonstrated both God’s blessing on this important ministry, and His wonderful providence as He fulfils His purposes.

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A TWR ministry worker in one of the Central Asian countries had received a request for a Bible from a radio listener in a neighbouring country, where Christian practice is severely discouraged and restricted.

The ministry team began considering how they could send the Bible to the listener despite the restrictions.

Then a team member said that he would carry the Bible when he travelled to the other country. Everybody asked, “How are you going to get past the border inspections with a Bible?”

“God will keep me safe,” he answered.

Sure enough, at the border, he was stopped. The officer took him to the interrogation room, opened the worker’s bag and saw the books.

“These are Christian books,” the officer said. “Why are you bringing these books here?”

Feeling that Jesus wanted him to tell the truth, the believer said, “We have a radio listener who asked for these books, and I am taking these books to him.”

The border officer took off his hat. “I am that man who asked for these books,” he told him. “Thank you for bringing them to me.”

Please continue to pray for God’s blessing on this vital ministry as the Gospel of Jesus Christ is broadcast across the airwaves in Central Asia.