Blessed Through Giving

Luke reminds us of the words of Jesus that 'it is more blessed to give than to receive' (Acts 20:35), and that has been the experience of those who have helped support and finance men on SGA’s Leadership Support Programme.

This year we have launched a new project with the aim of helping to finance and send seventy additional missionary families into the harvest fields of Eastern Europe, Central Asia, and Far East Russia.

Commitment to support, by prayer and finance, these families have brought joy and encouragement to both recipients and donors.

The following are brief reflections from one church family, and one individual on the blessings and challenges they have experienced as sponsors.

Supporting Nikolai and Olga Bobkov in Kazakhstan

from Julie Curtis: Missionary Secretary: Emmanuel Church at Leftwich, Northwich

Nikolai & Olga Bobkov

For roughly 3 years our church has had the privilege of supporting the Bobkov family who moved as SGA workers to start a new work among the Uygur people of eastern Kazakhstan, based in the town of Chundza. It has been good for the church to learn about a new part of the world.

As often as possible they are remembered in prayer during our midweek prayer meetings or on a Sunday morning, before our service.  Once a month the Wednesday midweek meeting has a specific world vision focus and news of the Bobkovs, along with our other world vision partners is often shared and prayed about.

Andrew Coleclough of SGA has provided video footage of what the Bobkovs have been doing and the progress made. As a church this year, we got into groups and made video clips to send to our missionaries. Andrew was able to get the one for Bobkovs translated into Russian!

Supporting Tomas and Silvia Henzel in Slovakia

from SGA supporter Fiona Gravil

Fiona Gravil committed her life to Christ at the very commencement of her university course in Bristol University – in fact, in Fresher’s Week , before the course had actually begun!

A few years later at a Graduates Fellowship in Oxford, she heard of and began to financially support the work of SGA.

She writes:

Tomas & Silvia Henzel with Family

Latterly, since retirement, I’ve had far more time for prayer and use the SGA prayer diaries as a basis for this each day.

I am now just seventy. I wanted no celebration, even within my lovely family, but SGA’s Project 70 seemed to be God’s way of drawing me into further involvement in His work beyond my landmark birthday. Hitherto I had always donated to SGA’s ‘general fund’, trusting its staff to allocate the money as they saw best.

However, it has been a great blessing to me to be linked to Tomas and Silvia Henzel in Slovakia under Project 70.

Initially I was sent an A4 letter from Tomas describing most helpfully his training, his dual role as an emergency medic and leader of a growing church, heading up Gospel work among students, teaching and, with Sylvia, counselling troubled couples.

It included a lovely photo of them with their three small children. More recently SGA has forwarded to me a video from the family, with updates about their lives and ministry.  How it brought them to life vividly for me! I feel very humble to be materially blessed, and it is a joy and an honour to be able to share with, and support, men like Tomas.

If you would like to share the blessing of supporting a missionary family in our new 70th Anniversary Project, contact the SGA office in Rugby.

Tel. 01788 220 699      Email.