Project 70 ‘I remember that day! It was a good day!’

This is how Ruth Deyneka Erdel, daughter of SGA founder, Peter Deyneka, recently described the launch of SGA-UK on July 27th 1950 at the Bonnington Hotel, London.

Seventy years on and God is still working through the Mission and building His Church. As we approached this special milestone, we considered how best to mark the occasion.

While we wanted to take time to reflect on the Mission’s history and origins, we wanted this year to be more about Gospel advancement. The words of Jesus are still relevant today: ‘The harvest is plenteous, but the labourers are few’. This is still a reality in the countries where we serve.

The Apostle Paul’s words to the church at Rome make it abundantly clear that preaching is the continuing responsibility of the Church. He also points out that preaching is God’s method for people to hear about the ‘unsearchable riches in Christ’. The question posed is, ‘How will they hear?’

This was the need that came very forcibly to our hearts – the need for preachers. Therefore, we wanted to mark the 70th anniversary of SGA [UK] by supporting the sending of 70 additional missionary families into God’s harvest field.

While this is an exciting prospect it is an ambitious undertaking.

How would Project70 ever materialise?

As the project began to take shape, we contacted church leaders across Eastern Europe, Central Asia and Far East Russia, and asked them to identify missionary families who could benefit from this funding. Not long afterwards their recommendations began to flood in, and we undertook the task of considering men and families for funding and assigning support.

Praise God that already fifty gifted and suitable men have been identified for missionary support.

A breakdown of the countries and numbers of missionary families in each country will help to give an overall view of this project:

17 Ukraine; 12 Central Asia; 4 in each of Moldova, Serbia and Far East Russia; 3 each in Romania and Slovakia; 1 each in Hungary, Poland and Bosnia.

Another six missionary family profiles have been sent for our consideration and already through your partnership this project is making good progress. Praise the Lord!

What type of ministry will be carried out by those supported through Project70?

We have made clear to those who have the responsibility of selecting candidates for support that the recommended individual must be involved in a pioneering ministry.

The aim of Project70 is to support the financing of an additional seventy missionaries to enable them to reach into communities still untouched by the Gospel. The project’s primary objective is therefore to support church planting so that new centres of worship will be placed in unreached communities. We believe that planting new churches will effectively reach more people with the life-changing hope of the Gospel, and this has proved to be the best strategy in transforming lives and communities - indigenous local churches taking the Gospel to unreached peoples.

One sobering reminder for us is that in many countries where SGA serves, Orthodoxy still holds sway. There is an Orthodox church building prominently situated in almost every village. Its central position and presence are constant reminders of the widespread grip of empty religion on the hearts and minds of the majority of people.

We trust that with the Lord’s help missionaries sponsored through Project70 will be used of God to establish Bible-believing churches in these communities.

How can sponsorship be secured for 70 missionary families?

It is true that this was a huge project far beyond our capabilities. We were very aware that securing sponsorship for seventy missionary families was a ‘big ask’. It was pointed out that this is one of the largest single projects that SGA has ever launched.

However, we believe that God’s faithfulness over the past 70 years will not fail us in our 70th year as we endeavour to find sponsorship for 70 missionary families! We are pleased to share with you that 44 missionary families are now fully or partially sponsored and have received their initial financial support.

Praise God that with your incredible help sponsorship is advancing.

We believe that our anniversary celebrations can be the cause of real Gospel advancement in Eastern Europe, Central Asia and far East Russia.

Who can be involved in Project70?

The answer is simple - YOU!

The words of founder, Peter Deyneka, still echo in our ears – ‘Much Prayer Much Power!’

Missionary families sent by the Lord, seeking the lost, and starting new churches will need prayer!

While gathering adequate finance is necessary and most helpful, prayer is vital. We encourage you to engage prayerfully in this project, so that a volume of informed and targeted prayer for God’s blessing will ascend to God’s throne on behalf of faithful missionaries - those you may never meet on earth, but whom you will have helped to sustain in the ministry.

Think of those who will gather in glory from Eastern Europe, Central Asia and Far East Russia as a result of your investment in God’s work.

As Ruth Deyneka Erdel continued to reflect on the formation and growth of SGA’s ministries she concluded,

‘We now look forward as seventy years have passed…. I thank you on behalf of Slavic-speaking people for what you have done for Christ!’

We thank you too!

God is still building His church!

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