Snapshot - Covid 19

The fallout from Covid 19 has unsurprisingly had an impact on SGA’s ministries.

Nevertheless, our Leadership Training programme continues through various means.

Financial support is being sent to Gospel workers and funds for humanitarian aid have been provided for partners in Eastern Europe, Central Asia and Far East Russia.

Below are a few ‘Snapshots’ which illustrate how God has used these funds to meet practical needs and provide opportunities for Gospel ministry.


We praise God for the relatively low number of Covid-19 related deaths in Ukraine.

However, the impact of the virus, particularly in the war zone of Eastern Ukraine has been severe. Jobs have been lost, government support is minimal and life has become even more challenging.

Vladimir who coordinates the humanitarian work in that region recently reported,

'Even before quarantine there were not many jobs available. The biggest fear for people there is not Covid-19, but not to die of hunger!'

Ukraine Widow Aid

A missionary pastor who is serving the Lord in the Donetsk region writes,

'All the supported families are among those for whom the new challenges of the pandemic have added to the everyday hardships of war and physical survival.

The bread of life—physical bread along with Christian literature—is a ministry that continues to be an effective tool for sharing the Gospel and covering the immediate needs of people for food.'


Peter Mihailchiuk, SGA’s regional Coordinator in Moldova, recently shared about their work among vulnerable widows and elderly people.

"During the quarantine, our missionaries bought food and medicine and visited widows at home. They provided them not only material, but also spiritual support … For many of the unbelieving ladies it was a great witness of God’s love… One old lady… is unable to take care of herself and lives in a house that’s in danger of collapse. She’s extremely lonely and desperate.

She said that our visit and the supplies we brought were a reminder that God cares about her. We encouraged her to pray when she felt lonely and assured her that the church will welcome her and help her. Another widow witnessed that she was so hungry and prayed to God asking for help. Right after that the missionaries brought her a food bag! Oh, how happy she was!"

Food parcels for Widows

Far East Russia

Our partners are actively involved in meeting physical and spiritual needs among believers and those who have had little or no previous contact with the Church. One recent report stated:

"Praise the Lord, for He is in control of every situation, and in every situation, He wants His church to carry the good news about Jesus Christ to the world! As a pastor, I found out that it’s the right time to be actively involved in compassion ministry, bringing both food and the Gospel to people. … We had a chance to visit one poor family and it just broke our hearts.

A woman Natalya is quite young, she has five kids, her husband Stepan is an alcoholic and he doesn’t have a job. Stepan beats Natalya and throws her and the kids out on the street, as he gets drunk. Natalya was crying while telling us her story, she is in despair. We shared the Gospel with her and told her that there is Hope and that Hope’s name is Jesus Christ. We gave them a food package and a Bible and prayed for them. We ask you to join our prayer for Natalya’s family and for their salvation."

Food, a Bible, and some Prayer