Good News Foundation

Solid Foundation

Thirty years ago God moved my parents, Charles and Agnes, to start this mission from nothing and trust God to miraculously provide for their needs.

We thank God for many Hungarians who give to the mission, and for SGA as it has always had a place in this miracle.  Our past experiences with God are a testimony to His faithfulness, so trusting Him, we boldly face the future.

Charles & Agnes

• Charity work: helping those in need
• Roma-ministry: evangelizing, mentoring and motivating them to start a very new life
• Conferences: inspiring believers to recognize their and each other’s gifts
• Good News Fellowship: our church ministry in our village of Orgovány
• Mentoring: ministering to groups, also one-to-one mentoring
• Publishing Biblical character-shaping books which we distribute free of charge

Fresh Vision

After my father Charles was seriously ill he passed the baton on to me and my wife Barbara. Two of my sisters, Renáta and Lilla play a key role in Good News Foundation.

I tried to work at my job and practise ministry at the same time, but God spoke to me from Isaiah, especially ch. 37:30: “And this shall be the sign for you: this year you shall eat what grows of itself, and in the second year what springs from that. Then in the third year sow and reap, and plant vineyards, and eat their fruit.”

I understood that He would take us through, so I left my job to serve full-time.

God has led us to new aspects of ministry:

• To give shelter for mothers in trouble

• To be involved in shaping Hungarian society more than before

• To help Hungarians to get back to the Bible so that they accept the Gospel

Helping Moving Care

We opened a shelter for mums and babies called Mary Home. We help mothers who are pressurized to abort their babies, and others who are in trouble for other reasons. We offer them accommodation and counsel, providing safety, peace and showing them the way to the Lord.

We also started a movement to proclaim the truth and the authority of the Bible. There is a huge need for high quality Christian materials which genuinely show the relevance of Biblical views in the 21st century. Our website, aims to equip and motivate a new generation of Hungarians who are strongly rooted in Christian faith.

We will publish a Hungarian version of Creation Magazine each year, as a pre-evangelism programme for unbelievers and faith-building for believers. We hope to distribute 15,000 copies of the first issue during this summer and autumn, taking the message to thousands of people and institutions. Amazingly, God moved the Hungarian Government to offer funding for the first issue.


Give thanks for what the Lord is doing in Hungary and for blessings received.


  • that we can maintain the increased volume of work and use the open doors faithfully and effectively.
  • for a family or a couple to join us to take part in the ministry.
  • for IT experts to offer their skills in producing up-to-date Biblical material for kids.
  • for divine help as we approach pastors, schools, libraries, institutes and universities.
  • that the gospel would touch many lives and that through the Magazine new ministries would be started.

Though there is freedom in the country, there is an increase in liberal pressure bringing persecution of Christians again. Liberal media have an eye on Good News Foundation but in God we trust.               

Donat Ficsor June 2020