A Fruitful Partnership!

Partnering with indigenous Gospel workers and investing in their ministry has been the missionary strategy of Slavic Gospel Association since its inception. 

This approach produces huge benefits both in terms of economical financial support for missionaries, as well as aiding Gospel advancement more widely. 

For more than thirty years, Pastor Avram Dega, based in Vrsac, Serbia ,has enjoyed a fruitful partnership with SGA.  He describes it as ‘a blessed link which existed between Slavic Gospel Association and me as pastor’.

Avram recently shared how it all began when SGA workers visited what was then Yugoslavia. There they met with Avram who was serving as an assistant pastor in the city of Novi Sad. In 1988 Avram moved to the city of Vrsac and started to serve as pastor in the Baptist church and in six surrounding village churches. The following year he married Yaroslava and since then the SGA partnership has continued to flourish.

In 1991, the former Yugoslavia collapsed, and so began a series of violent conflicts among rival ethnic groups.  Avram points out that it was at this period that SGA decided to start to support his ministry. ‘I’m so grateful to God for SGA’s support during those crucial years with many shortages and for their continued support’.

Avram recalls a very exciting initiative which began in 1996. During a visit from William Smylie, then SGA’s Field Director, the opening of a mission school was discussed. Shortly afterwards that school commenced in Vrsac.

By the year 2004 two student groups had received their first formal Biblical education. Avram describes a little of the fruits of the school. ‘Some of those who went through the SGA Mission School reinstated churches in places where there was once an evangelical church, but only a building remained. I worked on starting three other churches.’

He expresses his sincere appreciation to all the brothers and sisters in UK who prayed for him and his family and invested in his ministry both practically and prayerfully.

The recent purchase of a seven-seater car, funded by SGA, has proved a wonderful blessing in his work. With this car he is now able to transport older church members to the services, as well as take a singing group from the Vrsac church to encourage and/or evangelize people in the surrounding areas.

Another practical ministry for which Avram is deeply grateful is the annual support of 30 - 40 widows through the SGA Widows' Project.

With a heart that overflows with gratitude to God for His blessings and to SGA for their partnership Avram writes, ‘I would like to express my deep and heartfelt gratitude for all the Lord has done through SGA’s partnership and efforts. SGA proved to be faithful to its dedication to and love for brothers and servants of the Lord in Eastern Europe, including Serbia and myself. May the Lord continue to keep pouring grace and blessings on all the vast ministry activities of Slavic Gospel Association!’

Supporting the 70

The fruitful partnership that began over thirty years ago continues with another generation of Gospel workers.

Now he is equipping others for ministry and preparing to pass the baton on to those who have a similar vision for evangelism and church planting.

Through SGA’s 70th anniversary project ‘Supporting the 70’, the Mission has commenced a partnership with four missionaries from the Vrsac region [see article ‘Supporting the 70’].

As with Avram we trust that it will be a fruitful partnership for God’s glory!