Supporting the 70

Serbia is a spiritually barren country with only 0.72% of the population evangelical Christians, according to the Joshua Project.

The Orthodox Church has a strong grip in the country and holds many in darkness.  However, we believe that the Gospel brings light. 

We praise God for all those who are ready to serve the Lord in Serbia.  The following four missionaries have been recommended for support through SGA’s Project70

We trust that as you read these accounts of their ministry you will be encouraged to commit to pray for them.

Dragan Firlovic

Dragan Firlovic (43) was born in the village of Straža, 16km south of Vršac, and he continues to live there with his wife, Katarina, and their two children. Dragan is a baker but because of health problems has had to give this up.

The nearby village of Jasenovo once had a Baptist church but numbers gradually declined. Dragan was encouraged by Avram Dega to visit the village to re-start the work. He visited two ladies, who were former church members, and encouraged them to attend again. Numbers have since grown to ten, including two teenage girls. One of these girls has professed faith and expressed a desire to be baptized, but her parents have forbidden her.

Dragan’s prayer is that they will see further spiritual fruit in the coming days.

Rajko Terzic

Rajko Terzic, 30 years-old, is married to Dragana, and they are living and witnessing in the Vrsac region. 

Rajko has recently started to evangelize almost one hundred children and young people in four villages by sharing the Gospel through sport, while Dragana is teaching Bible lessons and crafts.  

Rajko is also responsible for the church plant in one of the villages.  During the winter two young men decided to follow Christ and were baptized!

Rajko Terzic Serbia Project70

Rajko expresses his heart-felt longing for the Gospel to reach many needy people:  

'There are so many villages with small evangelical churches where we could go and work, and many villages which do not yet have any evangelical church'.

Martin Emin

Also recommended for support is Martin Emin, aged twenty-eight.  Following family difficulties, he went to live with his grandparents in an Orthodox culture.  It was while reading the New Testament six years ago that Martin came to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. He has spent two years at Bible College preparing himself for ministry.

He assists in the ministry at Alibunar and is also fulfilling children’s ministry in Dobrica with a view to planting a church.  There is only an Orthodox church in Dobrica but praise God there are a couple of families who are open to the Gospel.

His varied ministry involves teaching in Sunday school, youth groups and camps, preaching, evangelization and discipling young people who have come to faith. Martin desires to have the Lord’s wisdom and guidance in all his ministry.

Nenad Kalaji

Another missionary selected for support through SGA’s Project70 is forty-six-year-old Nenad Kalaji who, along with his family, is serving the Lord in Uljma, a large village with 75% of the population Roma. 

He is very grateful that his family are supporting him in the ministry.  His wife, Dushica, is planning to start a ladies' outreach.  The two eldest children aged sixteen and fourteen, are helping with children’s ministry and provide music for the church services. 

Nenad praises God for all these blessings.  He is involved in street evangelism and tract distribution.

He requests prayer that God will give him wisdom and courage and that people’s hearts will be prepared by the Holy Spirit to receive the Gospel. 

We need your help to send more Gospel workers so that those without Christ will hear the Good News of salvation in Him.

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