Emanuel Studies

Emanuel University in Oradea

At the invitation of the faculty of Emanuel University in Oradea, Romania, SGA teachers have had the opportunity to become involved in the post-graduate programme of theological studies offered to those who have a primary degree or equivalent qualifications.  You may wonder what is the purpose and benefit of such a course of study. Two distinct categories of students are involved. 

One group, the smaller of the two, has already completed an undergraduate theological course. The aim of students in this group is to further their understanding and grasp of Biblical and theological subjects in order to enhance their Gospel ministry and their ability to lead and teach their congregations. It is worth pointing out here that the subjects offered for post-graduate study have a practical and devotional dimension to them, and are not merely academic in their scope and nature.

The second group, which at present is slightly larger numerically, consists of men who already have a degree or equivalent qualification in subjects other than theology. Some are involved in the world of business and commerce; others are teachers or health professionals. All of them are involved in various ways in church life and witness, and want to be better equipped to serve the Lord and their churches in Gospel ministry and this demanding course of study will help them towards this.

There is, however, another dimension to the ministry of the second group which may not be immediately obvious. Many of these men already hold influential positions in the business and commercial world and in other professional capacities. They are meeting and exercising their Christian influence each day in the ‘secular’ strata of Romanian life. Their thinking and decision-making as what we might call ‘movers and shakers’ in Romanian society, have the potential to bring a spiritual and scriptural influence upon urban society in particular. They are being salt and light in a corrupt and dark world, and under God their spiritual education will help them to be more distinctive and effective.

Graduation at Emanuel University

The subject areas allotted to SGA teachers are concerned with World Mission. Under this umbrella heading issues such as the Biblical Basis for Mission, the History of Mission, and World Mission Survey have been the subject of very interesting and stimulating times of debate and exchange as tutors have taught and then opened up their subjects for discussion by the student body.

It is a different teaching method in some senses from the usual SGA Mission School approach, but one which, at this level, is both enjoyable and fruitful.

SGA teachers who have participated in this course already are agreed that it is very worthwhile, and under the blessing of the Holy Spirit, has the potential to commend the Gospel to every section of Romanian society. 

Pray with us that this might be so, and that many lives may be touched as these students take their learning and training into their fields of ministry and work.