SGA is pleased to announce the arrival of a new book, aimed at younger readers and teens although it will appeal to the “young at heart” too!

This book, written by Sharon Howard, tells the exciting story of the childhood of SGA’s founder, Peter Deyneka. It describes how he grew up in the impoverished land of Belarus and was sent to America alone, at the age of fifteen, to make the family’s fortune.

Peter D Book Cover
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The story traces Peter’s original hostility to God, his loneliness and desperation to provide for his starving family, before finally discovering a far greater and lasting treasure when he was wonderfully converted to Christ. So began his desire to take the Gospel to his own Slavic people. With little money, but a great faith and confidence in a mighty God, Peter commences the work of Slavic Gospel Association, always operating in faith and with his well-known motto of “Much Prayer, Much Power.”

This is an amazing story of how God took a fifteen-year-old Russian boy halfway around the world, in order to save him and make him such a powerful influence on people that he became known as ‘Peter Dynamite!’

Available Online here, from the Rugby Office, or your local SGA representative.
£4.00 plus £1.75 P&P


When God is at work there can be great blessings even in the midst of the worst of circumstances.

That was the clear message presented by Pastor Igor Bandura during a recent presentation in which he outlined the situation in Eastern Ukraine. Care was taken to explain the ongoing political instability and humanitarian hardships which have caused much suffering there.

However, it was also encouraging to hear of how God was working and using His people in surprising ways. One noteworthy statistic was that there have been 24 new churches planted along the so-called grey zone.

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We were encouraged to pray for a resolution to this six year old conflict. There is also much cause for praise to our great Lord who is keeping His promise and building His Church in the middle of conflict and uncertainty.


The word ‘unprecedented’ is often used glibly and somewhat inaccurately, but the present circumstances brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic, are in every sense unprecedented.

In our admittedly difficult situation we can easily forget that circumstances in E Europe, C Asia, and Far East Russia are even more difficult, given widespread poverty in many regions, the absence of quality health care and inferior medical facilities. The general situation in each country is similar.

There is widespread concern for personal and family well-being; church services are suspended, and social distancing measures are in place. There are shortages of supplies in some regions and believers are distributing food parcels to needy people.

Face Mask Virus

Pray that in it all God’s people will experience His peace.