Advancing God’s Word

Having the Bible in my mother language allows me to tell other Kazakh people about Jesus Christ.

These words express the delight and gratitude of a Kazakh believer upon receiving the newly revised Kazakh Bible, the fruit of three years of intense work. In November 2019 a joyful congregation of Kazakh believers and church leaders gathered together to witness the dedication of the new edition.  For all the participants it was a special blessing to hold the first printed copies of the Bible in their hands - a precious tool in their mother language which they can now use to reach Kazakhs with the message of the Gospel.

“I do have a Koran but I was always looking for the Bible”.

These were the words of one taxi driver providing transport for Christians crossing the city of Almaty, Kazakhstan. As the conversation developed it became clear that the taxi driver had a great interest in different religions and was searching for the truth.

Although nominally Muslim, his doubts as to the truth of Islam’s claims had prompted him to begin his own personal search for answers.

When asked if he read the Bible, he replied, “I do have a Koran but I was always looking for the Bible”. These words powerfully impacted his Christian passengers, as they realised that the taxi driver was just one example of many Kazakh people who are traditionally Muslim, yet on a permanent search for the truth.

They desire to have this book - the Bible, the Word of God. When offered a copy of the Bible that night, he looked with astonishment and disbelief. ‘How much would it cost?’ he asked. He was assured that he could have a copy immediately as a gift.

That night he received a Bible and a children’s Bible written in simple language, with discussion questions following each section. Now his two little boys would be able to read about Jesus for themselves. His final words were “Thank you! I did not expect God to prepare such a big gift for me tonight! You know, I will go home now and take this gift to my sons. They will be very happy, and tonight, we will begin reading the Bible together.”

Kazakh Bible 6
Kazakh Bible 7

This is a wonderful account, but there are millions of Kazakhs who, just like that taxi driver, do not have a Bible.  Our vision, alongside Bible Mission, is to take a Bible and a children’s Bible to one hundred thousand Kazakh families in their native language, so that through His Word God will speak, and by the work of the Holy Spirit, the eternal truth will be revealed to them.

Thank you for your support of the revision of the Kazakh Bible over the past three years and for helping to make the printing of the Bibles possible!  It is a valuable investment for eternity! Please continue to pray that the Word of God will speak powerfully and change many Kazakh lives.

Praise God for…

  • the first revised edition of the Kazakh Bible printed
  • good progress with editorial and correction work 
  • a Kazakh-Russian bilingual New Testament printed
  • Kazakh Children’s Bibles printed
  • Gospel of Mark available for special evangelism 1-10 project
Kazakh Bible 5