Training Reapers

SGA has always been concerned with practical real-life ministry. We unashamedly affirm that our aim is to see new converts in new churches which have been planted in new unreached communities. However, it has long been recognised that if we value the Word of God, the Church of Christ and the spread of the Gospel then the effective training and equipping of Christian workers must be a priority.
From the difficult days of Communism right up to our present day, providing theological training has been one of our core ministries and we are delighted to bring some exciting updates.

Balti, Moldova

In January 2020 the 14th group of students began their studies in the Balti Mission School in Moldova. 26 students gathered to undertake a demanding course of studies which will last for two years and be designed to stretch their minds, deepen their devotion and prepare them for ministry. There has been a continuous SGA Mission School for the last 26 years and many former students are in active and strategic Gospel ministries. We praise the Lord for his faithfulness in the past and seek him for greater blessings in the future.

Balti Students 2020

Medias, Romania

January also saw the return of SGA to a familiar setting. Medias in Romania had been home to a successful and blessed Mission School in the late 1990s and early 2000s. After a longer than expected break, the new school began with a bang. It was obvious that a considerable amount of planning and hard work had been done in preparation. Two churches from different towns joined together with the express aim of raising up a new generation of men to ‘cover the spiritual needs of their churches’ and to ‘spread the Gospel more effectively’. Both churches have responsibility and opportunities in multiple villages and towns in their surrounding regions and so they see the Mission School as an opportunity to equip Gospel workers and multiply much needed Christian ministry. Over 50 men gathered for the first session and we pray that God will do great things through this new Mission School.

Cantavir, Serbia

The disruption caused by the Coronavirus has meant that many plans have had to be revisited. Nevertheless, in God’s time and according to His will, plans are in place to start a new Mission School among the Hungarian speaking population of Northern Serbia. Due to the history of this region, there remain significant numbers of Hungarian speakers and this school will seek to train and equip those who are serving the Lord among these people. Pastor Tibor Nagy will be the school director. He explains that he did not grow up in the church. Instead he describes himself as a man of the street whom God wonderfully converted and transformed. His desire is that others will know the same transforming power of Jesus Christ, and wants the new School to effectively train those who are already involved in Christian ministry. The students are excited and enthusiastic, and we look forward to seeing what God will do through them for His own glory.

Cantavir Serbia
These are just a few of the new developments in our Biblical Leadership Training programme. Further opportunities are in the pipeline, but we seek the Lord’s blessing on what has already been planned or commenced.
Please pray that the Lord will continue to raise up more Gospel workers who will go out into His harvest field and reap a rich harvest of souls.