Moldova Group


The fourteenth student group at the SGA mission school in Moldova has had an encouraging start.

There are three ladies in the twenty-six students enrolled, and twenty-three men, many of whom are preachers with responsibilities in various village churches. They are very earnest and appreciative to be involved in the two-year programme.

The first teaching team considered it a real pleasure to teach them and they soon bonded together. The lecture room has been freshly decorated, with new desks, chairs, screen, windows and air conditioning. It is a very pleasant and useful facility.

Mature student Sergey Moltov, a former lieutenant in the Soviet Army, summed up his experience so far: ‘The teaching is very deep and rich. I’ve received a lot of interesting and important information.’

Central Asia

We recently received a report from a pastor in Kazakhstan which is, at one and the same time, encouraging and deeply challenging.

A Muslim lady who had attended his church and had responded to the Gospel told him that she had ‘lived on earth for forty-three years, and had never heard that Jesus is God, who had come to this world as a person 2000 years ago.’

What a joy to hear of this heart opened to the Gospel, but what a challenge! There are so many like her, who have never heard. For this reason SGA is striving in this 70th anniversary year, to send out and support more evangelists who will take Gospel light into unreached communities.

Beach Bible Reading a


Close to the demarcation line in war-torn Eastern Ukraine, Pastor Vasile and brother Vladimir with their team of volunteers, continue to minister to the practical needs of the poor, suffering community whose lives have been shattered by the conflict.

Vasile bakes and distributes his loaves to scores of hungry people, but the deepest desire of his heart and the hearts of his fellowbelievers, is to see their spiritual needs satisfied through the sharing of the Gospel of Christ’s redeeming love, and the new life He offers through His sacrificial death.

Vasile thanks SGA supporters for their prayers and for the continuing financial help they receive for their ministry.

Ukraine Bakery Bread 1
Ukraine Bakery Bread 2